screw pump

GN Solids Control recently just offer some HG dryer, decanter centrifuge and mud tanks to Middle East clients. They win the tender with our solids control proposal and bought from us the equipment.

363C (2)

The former stage requirements, including below.

14inch decanter centrifuges, 2each

HG dryer and the shaker screens, 1each

Vacuum unit

Sided Collection Tank

  1. a)Dimensions of;
  2.         Width: 3m – to allow access of loader to remove cuttings
  3.         Length: 6m – or appropriate size

iii.        Height: >1.5m (or sized to allow drying shaker discharge)

  1. b)Ramp or sloped access to allow loader to drive in to load cuttings
  2. c)Solid steel construction and back-sloped bottom to contain excess fluid
  3. d)Collection point for discharge of drying shaker and active system centrifuge

14inch centrifuge

Hopper & Conveyor

A hopper and conveyor system to install next to the remote waste pit to allow cuttings to be conveyed in to the center of the pit

  1. a)Hopper width at least 3m to allow loader to dump cuttings without spill
  2. b)Conveyor length sufficient to deposit cuttings 20 – 25m from edge of pit
  3. c)Power requirements compatible with generator, or independent diesel driven

Skid mounted system for HG dryer.

50 bbls fluids holding tank for HG dryer.

Air operated wash gun

Finally, the clients give GN purchase orders, including:

2 sets GNLW363CG decanter centrifuges, with belt pulley and belt to adjust the bowl speed, and 3200RPM /2500RPM / 2200RPM bowl speed available.

2 sets telescopic skid with screw pump for feeding the centrifuge, the skid height can be adjusted to 2meter or 3.3meter, which much convenient for the user installation.

1 set HG dryer with necessary qty shaker screens. GN 4 panel shaker screen is equivalent to Swaco Mongoose shaker, reliable working performance and good price.

1 sets spare parts for the operation of centrifuges, High G dryers.

As the leading brand of solids control, GN always give best support to our old clients and new clients.

363C (2)

Centrifuges are greatly used in solids
control and drilling waste management systems in oil and
gas drilling industry, because it could separate out directly or together with
chemicals the fine and extra fine solid particles from the liquid at a high
rotating speed of the bowl. In a solids control system, it is always used after
the desilter and in waste management systems for drilling cuttings, it is used
after the high G dryer shaker or vertical cuttings dryer. When using together
with chemicals like dewatering, it is used after the dewatering unit.

Normally, what equipment is used to feed
the decanter
? Although in theory, the centrifugal pump could be used to feed
the decanter centrifuges just as the centrifugal pumps are served for the desander and desilter,
the centrifugal pump is not an ideal solution. Mostly practical options are submersible
slurry pump and screw pump.

1. submersible slurry pump: just as its
name, the submersible slurry pump has some part of the body underneath the
liquid, and it is vertically installed on the tank for feeding the decanter
centrifuge. In most cases, it is used for fixed speed decanter centrifuge. comparing
with a screw pump, it occupies less space for install and the price of
submersible slurry pump is lower than a screw pump, because the material and
producing technology is less complicated than screw pumps.

2. screw pump, also called mono pump in
practical uses, the most important parts of the screw pump are stator and
rotator, by rotating of the rotator, the transported media is conveyed evenly
and at a stable speed to the decanter centrifuge. Frankly speaking, this is
more suitable as the feeding pump of decanter centrifuges. GN always match its
decanter centrifuge with Netsch pump, which is a German brand, and the liquid
touching parts are all made of SS316L.

GN keeps research and develop the best
technology to manufacture top quality equipment ,such as Mud Gas Separator,
mud agitator, Vacuum
and other solids control equipment for our clients,

For more information, visit GN Solids Control’s
website or call our sales.

Lately, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd, a specialist of drilling waste management system, has arranged the shipment of 1 unit of drilling cutting drying equipment to the West African customer. GN solids control is the first API solids control and drilling waste management equipment manufacturing company in China, and it has sold items to in excess of 60 nations. This isn’t the first order but a repeated order following the customer using GN product. Using the passing of environment rules, just about all drilling cuttings have to be dried to lessen pollution before discharge.

 The order that the customer required about the equipment shows up as below.

 1 unit GNCD930 vertical cutting dryer having a maximum speed of 900 Revolutions per minute along with a maximum G force up 420 centrifugal G force.

 2 models GNLW363 series 3200RPM high-speed decanter centrifuge with duplex stainless material on rotation bowl and screw propeller paid by tungsten carbide tiles.

 3 models screw pump sitting 30 cubic meters each hour for the use of feeding drilling liquids to decanter centrifuge and pressure washing for that vertical cutting dryer. Generally, the vertical cutting dryer is outfitted having a flushing pump to transfer waste water that is clean to purge screens.

 The Kodak play touch camcorder of drilling cuttings drying devices are to process the cutting that are separated in the mud with the first stage equipment-shale shaker and 2nd stage equipment mud cleaner. After released from shale shaker and mud cleaner, the cuttings is going to be directly moved in to the vertical cutting dryer via a screw convey or perhaps a hose pump, the liquid is going to be retrieved again, as the solids will end up dry enough to become released. GN drilling cuttings drying equipment happen to be offered to African nations like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Nigeria. The performance is pretty well. Welcome your RFQ of the drilling cuttings drying equipment.

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