shale shaker

Repeated order of shaker screen means high quality of GN shaker screen. Just end of last month, we get repeated order for replacement screen for SWACO MONGOOSE shakers. The client have bought about 2000pcs replacement screens totally in past 3 years, for SWACO MONGOOSE shale shakers. We appreciate the trust of our old client, and will always improve the screen quality and lower down the sales price to give good support.

1) Except Replacement screen for SWACO, what other shaker screens can GN offer?

  • Replacement screen for Derrick FLC500/ 2000 shaker or mud cleaners.
  • Replacement screen for NOV brandt king cobra/ VSM300 / VENOM shaker or mud conditioners
  • Replacement screen for SWACOM Pro / SWACO Mongoose PT/Meerkat shale shakers or mud conditioners.
  • Replacement screen for….. Pls get more information from GN website.

Shaker screen is one of the most important spare parts for drilling companies. Especially for oil drilling companies, they need to budget large cost for each year’s screen use. To support the screen market better, GN Solids improve and enlarge the shaker screen production line. Now, GN Solids have 5sets production line to support the global screen request.

1) The GN screen can fit for which brand shakers ?

  • Replacement screen to fit for Derrick FLC2000/ FLC500 shale shaker
  • Replacement screen to fit for NOV Brandt king cobra/ VSM 300 / VENOM shaker
  • Replacement screen to fit for Swaco Mongoose PRO/ Mongoose PT/ MEERKAT shaker
  • Replacement screen to fit for FSI 5000 / FSI 500 … and so on.

For big request, we can also open new module and customize screen for clients.

GN has many different model shale shakers for option. Different area drilling operation may need different models. For example,

  • mining/diamond drilling project may require two panel screen shale shaker;
  • workover oil rig may require three panel screen shale shaker;
  • HDD project / water well drilling may also require three panel shale shaker
  • Big oil drilling rig may require three panel or four panel screen shale shaker
  • The drilling contractor can choose proper shale shaker model as per the technical request and budget.

Small water well rig may no need mud system, just requiring drill rig and mud pump. But for deep water well drilling, mud system is also necessary to get better drilling performance, and give better project to the drill rig bit and mud pump.

GN Solids Control mainly focus on oil drilling mud system. And we also have some client from water well drilling project, get mud system from GN; For example, client from Niger, they have 100 water wells project to improve the local life quality, and they bought the rig fro Italy Drillmec brand, and have mud system from GN.

gn mud cleaning system

Generally, we can offer 200gpm/500gp/1000gpm mud system, and we have standard model for the mentioned capacity mud system. If required by client, we can also offer customized system. Among the standard system, 500gpm mud system is the most popular, equipped with below items:

1) 1ea shale shaker GNZS703. GN Solids own patent shale shaker with 3 panel can give good performance, reliable working for the mud treatment, and we can offer coarse steel screen with much longer lifetime to fit for the system.

2) 1ea mud cleaner GNZJ703-1S8N. This unit is combination of 1ea shaker, 1ea desander cones and 8ea desilter cones. Mud cleaner, Small footprint, and 2nd and 3nd phase treatment, to remove most solids above 30microns.

3) 1ea mud hopper, the mud hopper is necessary to mix the chemicals and adjust the gravity of drilling fluids.

4) 3ea centrifugal pump. 2ea centrifugal pump is used for feeding the mud cleaner, desander cones and desilter cones. 1ea centrifugal pump working with mud hopper, to give power for mixing the chemicals.

5) 1ea mud tank to support all above mentioned solids control equipment. The mud tank is same size with container, can be locked on trailer, guarantee on the safety during transportation.

6) 1ea submersible slurry pump, this is option. The client can buy from GN the slurry pump for feeding the mud system, and even the hose to connect the slurry pump to the mud system.

The end.

GN Solids came back to China this week after ADIPEC oil show. During the show, we met with many GN old friends, and talk about the future of the oil & gas, the future for solids control equipment and decanter centrifuge. We all trust the bright future of oil & gas will come to stage very soon. That time will be also the bright time for GN Solids Control, as well as GN partners, old friends and clients.

After the ADIPEC oil show, GN visited many old clients in UAE and surrounding countries. Most of clients is very happy with GN solids control equipment and GN centrifuges. Some client may have small problem, and we fixed it or give instructions on how to fix.


GNLW363 centrifuge was shown at ADIPEC oil show and this good product is much familiar among the clients. Every old client come to GN booth to say hello to the centrifuge, it seems the centrifuge is their best friends. This 14inch centrifuge is much reliable centrifuge, which is replacement for Derrick DE1000/ SWACO 518 or any other USA brand centrifuges. The market say it is OK, then it is OK. We have annual sales of this model centrifuge for over 100 sets in past years.

Except for this model centrifuge, we can also offer other model centrifuges, following:

  • 9inch baby centrifuge
  • 14inch high speed centrifuge, this is GNLW363
  • 18inch middle speed centrifuge, GNLW452. This can be used for barite recovery
  • 18inch high speed centrifuge, GNLW453. This can be used for barite recovery, or mud weight cuttings.
  • 22inch big bowl big volume centrifuge GNLW553. This is mostly used for fast drilling, or other construction area.

During the oil show, shaker screen is another shining points. GN can offer replacement shaker screen for many different big brands.

  • Replacement shaker screen for Derrick FLC500 shaker, Derrick FLC2000 shaker.
  • Replacement shaker screen for NOV brandt king cobra shaker
  • Replacement shaker screen for MI Swaco Mongoose shaker
  • Replacement shaker screen for FSI5000 shaker
  • Replacement shaker screen for Scomi shaker

For more info, pls contact GN Solids Control freely.