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Last week, after months of hard work of all GN staff, 70 containers of solids control equipments from GN Solids Control sailed to Middle East. This is a land mark of not only GN’s company memorandum, but also a breakthrough of China branded solids control equipments and drilling waste management equipment. This order is working for oil service in middle east and work in tough conditions of temperature above 55 degrees centigrade.


Those equipments are of high quality material and per clients’ requests, they are of ATEX Zone 1 standard and with DNV lifting.

GN VFD controlled decanter centrifuges are always popular among the clients and countries in middle east and other high temperature conditions.

For the centrifuge main body, the high configuration GNLW series decanter centrifuges share the same features like:

  1. best bowl material SS2205 by centrifugal casting and such is the highest standard material for oil and gas decanter centrifuges. Many European and USA brands use this kind of material for bowl material.
  2. SKF bearings for stable performance and longer service life. And during transportation, GN has special and gentle solutions for protecting the bearings from being damaged on the rough road.
  3. tungsten carbide tiles for impeller protection and special ceramic material for solids discharge ports.

And many other features are applied.


About the VFD control panel, GN has both flame proof VFD control panel and positive pressurized VFD control panel with PLC smart touching screen. The positive pressurized control panel has the self cooling system, and it is more suitable than the flame proof ones in high temperature condition. All the electric components are of international famous brands like Siemens, Schneider and ABB. For this order, because they are of ATEX Ex, some brands and standards are even higher than usual.


We have over 70%
project from oil & gas drilling. The other 30% sales amount is from
HDD/CBM/WATER WELL DRILLING application, we offer compact
mud system
for this area and the feedback is very good. Recently, we have
one 350gpm standard design mud system for sale. The mud system can used for HDD
drilling / CBM drilling / water well rig drilling. The 350gpm mud system


1) one mud tank with all the solids
removal equipment upsides.

2) one double
deck shaker with 4ea 4’’ desilter
cones. The drilling mud can be treated by double deck shaker first, then
centrifugal pump can feeding the drilling mud to desilter for further
treatment, after that particles above 25microns can be separated, and the
drilling mud can go to mud mixing tank with mud hopper to get correct mud
property and for reuse.

3) one mud agitator to
mixing the mud & suspending the mud

4) one mud
hopper for adding more chemicals to adjust the property of the drilling mud
before feeding for HDD rig machine.

We just have
this mud system showed in Australia show, pls see more from website:

Except for 350gpm mud system, GN Solids Control can also offer other
capacity mud system from 200gpm mud system/350gpm mud system/500gpm mud
system/700gpm mud system /1000gpm mud system etc.  Our technical team makes it to standard
design for all the mud system and make it easy for transportation and
operation. For details, pls read from GN website:  HDD & CBM Mud Recycling System,


Except for compact mud system, GN Solids Control also offer big
capacity mud system for oil & gas drilling. We have domestic client like
COSL buy 4 sets of 1000gpm mud system for offshore drilling in year of 2014. And
also buy 1 sets 17sets mud tanks mud plant system from us in year of 2014. Pls
read more from GN website:

Any requirements, pls contact us freely.

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A total drilling rig system usually contains drilling floor block, mud solids control block and recovery, mud pump and power block. Concerning these, the mud solids control and recovery block is composed of drilling mud recycling and drilling waste cuttings system. This block can be used to maximally recover the valuable drilling mud as well as decrease the waste discharge. 

The drilling waste cuttings management system occasionally called the further treatment method for solids control. Since the cuttings was delivered from out interface of the primary solids control equipment like shale shaker and mud cleaner towards the cuttings dryer device. The principal equipment for drilling waste cuttings recovery consists of cuttings transferred equipment, Verti G cuttings dryer, feeding pump and decanter centrifuge.

The cuttings transferred devices is being regarded as a bridge connecting the primary solids control system to the waste management unit. The typical and well-liked approach to transfer the cuttings is to utilize the screw conveyor and hose pump.

What is the Difference of the screw conveyor and hose pump

The screw conveyor itself has a gathering groove and the screw propeller push the cuttings to the Verti G cuttings dryer. Since the screw conveyor is engineered to shift the cuttings around an upright line. Usually, on the spot, there are not just 1 unit screw conveyor, several unit screw conveyors are situated crossing with certain angles so as to the waste cuttings can be delivered to the cuttings dryer. While the cuttings dryer feeding port is high, the screw conveyor is sloping. Subsequently if the waste cuttings are high liquid content, the liquid might be regurgitate and overflow off the conveyor.

The hose pump is a new, multifunction and multipurpose industrial pump. There is a particularly made rubber hose with smooth inside and high strength installed in the pump body. The hose pump has a exclusive structure with no sealing aspect, no leakage and no pollution. It has a high suction capability, self-cleaning capability, sucking material in two instructions. The hose installed in quite simple and operation is effortless, and the maintenance charge is low. The most essential is no block when pumping fluid with high viscosity and foreign substance content.

The drilling waste cuttings transferring equipment is important throughout the operation. GN Solids Control has applied both of the screw conveyor and hose pump in the design of the drilling waste management system, for more information and facts, please get in touch with GN freely.

At the end of this year, GN Solids Control is very busy with a large quantity of projects for various clients. This year, all GN engineers and workers are experiencing a very special year.
We have harvest a lot and improve our reputation; this year’s sale amount has been reached a new level until now. By establishing one American branch company which name is GN Solids America LLC, we have developing the American market step by step, and promote the sales amount to a satisfied amount.
And now we are busing with establish another branch company in Russia, at first the warehouse and office is in Moscow, the warehouse might change in the near future.

This year, we have attended many fairs both in other countries and at home. GN Solids Control are getting well known in many countries, such as America, Russia, Austria, Nigeria and some other countries. By attending oil fairs and make advertisement, as well as SEO on the web.
Just these several years, GN has attending many fairs, such as oil show in Abu Dhabi. And we are welcoming many clients from some famous oil and gas industries. Several days before, we welcomed a client from one of the largest famous oil service and consultancy company. This company would like to cooperate with us on solids control equipments. And from start, they are willing to start our cooperation from shaker screens. For Chinese domestic manufactures on solids control, they have checked with very strict demands among, and finally they choose us to be their partners. Right now, we are the only partner for them in China. And we are both devoted to expand our further business in the near future and establish win-win cooperation for a long time.
GN solids control are keep growing, and we do believe that with the strength of all GN people and with some creative ways to develop market, our excellent solids control equipments will win the heart of most oil and gas industries.


Vertical Cuttings Dryers are generally used to reduce the amount cuttings discharge from water based mud (WBM), oil based mud (OBM) or synthetic based mud (SBM). Right now, as people pay much more attention to environment protection, the cuttings dryer are used more frequently. 
There’s another important reason, according to research, 1 to 4 barrels of clean drilling liquids can be also be recycled when 1 barrel of drill cuttings are separated by solids control equipment, which means using vertical cuttings dryer is very cost-effective in the long run.
Depend on different situation, we can choose a screw conveyor or a vacuum device to transport the drilling fluids to the vertical cuttings dryer. In the daily use, it’s quite common that a vertical cuttings dryer is equipped with a screw conveyor.
GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids from oil or synthetic base fluids. The drying efficiency can be reached to less than 5%


A: 1-shale shaker; 2-mud cleaner; 3-auger conveyor; 4-vertical cuttings dryer; 5-waste discharge;6- recovery of mud; 7- Collection Tank; 8-centrifuge feeding pump or screw pump; 9-centrifuge 10-solid discharge port; 11- Clean mud recovery mud system.
From the above picture, we can see clear about the workflow: Drilling mud from rig enter into shale shaker(1),mud cleaner(2).After treating by these two steps, the drilling cuttings enter into vertical cuttings dryer by auger conveyor(3). Solids enter the Vertical Cuttings Dryer (4) through the top feed inlet and are separated inside the Dryer. The clean solids exit the bottom of the Dryer and are discarded overboard (5) or collected in Cuttings Boxes for offsite transport and disposal. The recovered liquid is routed to a Liquid Collection Tank (7). The recovered liquid is conveyed by screw pump (8) and then processed through a decanting centrifuge (10) for final clarification, storage, and reuse (11).


The drilling fluids from vertical cuttings dryer contain a percentage of low gravity fine solids. Before the mud is discharged to the active system, it should be treated by a high speed centrifuge. However, this may not be necessary in all conditions.