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Repeated order of shaker screen means high quality of GN shaker screen. Just end of last month, we get repeated order for replacement screen for SWACO MONGOOSE shakers. The client have bought about 2000pcs replacement screens totally in past 3 years, for SWACO MONGOOSE shale shakers. We appreciate the trust of our old client, and will always improve the screen quality and lower down the sales price to give good support.

1) Except Replacement screen for SWACO, what other shaker screens can GN offer?

  • Replacement screen for Derrick FLC500/ 2000 shaker or mud cleaners.
  • Replacement screen for NOV brandt king cobra/ VSM300 / VENOM shaker or mud conditioners
  • Replacement screen for SWACOM Pro / SWACO Mongoose PT/Meerkat shale shakers or mud conditioners.
  • Replacement screen for….. Pls get more information from GN website.

As China top brand for solids control & drilling waste management manufacturer, GN Solids have awarded the certificate of API, ISO 9001, HSE, CE and CR-TU. With these certificates, GN product can be accepted by many countries, and this is road for GN products going to each rig for service.

With CE certificate, GN got one big order from Europe requiring 3sets shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge. The order will be used to replace the old solids control equipment in 3sets oil drilling rigs. Why the clients choose GN Solids?  Below chapters will give you more information.

With over 10 years experience in research and development, GN Solids Control have become China leading brand for separation equipment, mainly solids control & drilling waste management equipment. The beginning of 2017, we have a good start to receive many big and small orders from domestic and overseas client. We already achieve about one thirds of total year’s sales target.  Trust we will overfulfil the task.

1) Over 10sets shale shaker to overseas client

Over 10sets shale shaker is ready to deliver to Russia client. The shaker model GNZS594 is GN 4panel shale shaker, equivalent to Swaco Mongoose, with same size shaker screen and similar treating capacity to drilling mud, similar separation performance.

GNZS594 shale shaker can also work as HG drying shaker, to treat the drilling waste discharged from shaker, recycle and reuse the drilling fluids.

2) Several sets of submersible slurry pump for ME client

Submersible slurry pump is normally used to install in a mud pit, to suck the mud and feeding it out to equipment. This pump can be dry suction in short time, and the pump impeller is more anti-corrosive. It allows smaller percentage big particles inside mud.

Except slurry pump, we also have centrifugal pump, and screw pump for choice. Centrifugal pump normally cannot dry suction, and not that anti-corrosive as slurry pump. But we already improve the production material of impeller, and the centrifugal pump is more anti-corrosive now.

3) Thousands of shaker screen ready for delivery to both overseas market and domestic client

For shaker screen, GN can offer almost all the popular model shaker screen in the market. We have our own shaker screen production line, and the robot machines make high quality screen.  The popular screen including:

Replacement screen for Derrick FLC2000/ FLC500 pyramid screen, and flat screen

Replacement screen for NOV brandt king cobra screen, Venom screen, VSM300 screen

Replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose pro, Mongoose PT screen, and Mongoose 3panel shaker

Shaker screen working performance will be decided by many different factors, including drilling phase, mud weight & viscosity, overall condition of shale shaker etc. When it is need to test screen, it is better to make sure the conditions are same as much as possible. And compare the screen working performance from different supplier.

GN Solids Control is China & USA based leading brand for solids control & drilling waste management. Similar to Swaco / Derrick / Brandt Company, GN can offer complete mud tank system, or each item including shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge, agitator, centrifugal pump, mud tank, etc. Different from the US brand company, GN only offer product, don’t offer service. However, the US brand company may offer product & service with local service center.

Among the spare parts, shaker screen is with large quantity and cost for drilling operation. GN Solids have developed over 5sets production line in the second new factory; can offer OEM shaker screen for popular US brand shakers. Including:

  • Replacement OEM shaker screen for Derrick FLC500 / Derrick FLC2000 pyramid screen / flat screen
  • Replacement OEM shaker screen for NOV Brandt king cobra / Venom flat screen, composite material & steel screen.
  • Replacement OEM shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose shaker flat screen, composite material & steel screen.
  • Replacement OEM shaker screen for FSI 5000 shaker / SCOMI shaker etc., composite material & steel screen.

For clients who have big potential requirement, we can offer screen sample for free & client burden the freight cost. You can compare the GN screen & original supplier screen under same drilling condition and mud condition. We have confidence you will come to GN to buy more screens.  Reliable or better working performance, reasonable price, and fast delivery, all this features make GN OEM shaker screen to be the best Choice for clients. For any request, pls send email to

As China high end solids control equipment, GN win good reputation in worldwide market with high quality & good price. Based on the many years brand accumulation, even during the low oil price period, GN can have good development.

1) About 1million oily sludge treatment project for Middle East

This is the first time to build oily sludge treatment system by GN Solids Control. With the help from client, GN design and modify the equipment configurations many times, and finally satisfy the need of client. The system is under commissioning in jobsite, GN sales people, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer are working for the commissioning at jobsite, together with clients.

The oily sludge treatment system mainly including feeding system, Pre-mixing and heating system, screening separation module, centrifuge module, chemical dosing module, three phase separation module, micro-bubble separation module, solids washing module etc.

We shall update to potential clients with sludge system working performance, and jobsite working videos.