vertical cuttings dryer

Before starting today’s article, we would like
to tell that the decanter centrifuge mentioned here is 2 phase type centrifuge
used in to separate the solids and liquid where the slurry is coming from the
drilling site. The slurry includes drilling fluids, oil sludge and so on.

Decanter Centrifuge Applications

On drilling site, the decanter
is used in solids control system as the final stage solids
control equipment to remove the fine solids in the drilling mud or to recover
the barite in drilling fluids. While the decanter centrifuge can also be used
as a machine to polish the effluence discharged from the vertical cuttings
dryer in waste
cuttings management system
. In the dewatering system, we can also find the
decanter centrifuge that is used to treat the flocculated slurry in which the
ultra fine solids can be separated out.

How to Operate Decanter Centrifuge as per

GN’s 2 phase decanter centrifuge is always
used to separate solids and liquids. According to different request, we can get
the different discharges. If you want to get much dryer solids, you can
increase the feeding capacity, increase the rotating speed, adjust the liquid
level plate to a low position or reduce the differential speed. By doing any
one mentioned before, you can make the solids discharged much dryer. And if you
reduce the feeding rate, reduce the bowl speed, fix the liquid level plate on
the bowl big end to a high position or increase the differential speed, you can
get a much clear liquid. Sometimes, you need make adjustment for several of the
factors at the same time to get the expected result according the project
request. In dewatering system, the amount of flocculation agent added in the
fluids would change the dryness of the discharged solids and liquid.

GN’s latest C version decanter centrifuge
with VFD control
is an ideal machine to do all the above jobs, as it can be adjusted
easily via HMI system to run at RPM from 0 to more than 3000.

What kind of waste materials can be treated
with thermal desorption unit (TDU)

Thermal desorption unit
is mainly used to treat the waste solids discharged from drilling
waste management equipment
, like vertical cuttings dryer, high G drying
, decanter centrifuge, etc… In theory, all oil type solids whose vaporization
point is below 420 degree centigrade could be treated with thermal desorption
unit (TDU). The oil type solids above mentioned is oily waste with a certain
amount solids, like mixture of mud and sand, the oily sludge after tank

Functions of Thermal desorption (TDU) unit
for waste materials

The pyrolysis furnace roller in thermal
desorption unit (TDU) heat the waste material in spilling way, and the material
is pushed forward by shoveling plates weld with a certain angle on the roller’s
inner wall. If the material is only oily mud, the spilling character would be
lower. The Pyrolysis Oil can be used as fuel oil. Diesel and heavy oil can also
be used as alternative fuel type for the startup and running of the thermal
desorption unit.  

Many people are wondering if the thermal
desorption unit can be used to treat waste tires or not. Below explanation can
be taken for your information.

Generally speaking, the Thermal desorption
unit (TDU) is mostly designed and used for oily sludge or oil waste from oil
and gas drilling field. And it is suggested to be used only for oily sludge or
oil waste. In principle, it can be used to treat the waste tire. But you need
to take out the steel wire from the tires and chock it into small pieces and
add some extra material to prevent it to bond on the drum unit,. And the size
after bond is better no larger than 30mm*30mm*30mm. normally, the thermal
desorption unit (TDU) have the dust removal system for the gas, But depends on
the local regulations, you may need extra treatment system for the discharges.

GN Solids Control is
a leading supplier providing solids control and also drill cuttings management
programs for global clients. Numerous large drilling company or maybe oil
service companies are utilizing GN equipments to treat often the OBM, WBM or
GN decanter centrifuges and also
cuttings dryers
are competing equipments even when compare with UNITED
STATES brands or European manufacturers. With the establishment of GN Solids America LLC within
Houston, GN Solids Control is getting to known through more and more drilling
companies on the planet. GN also has one department company in Moscow.
Typically the America is one large sector for GN, it’s a similar for Middle
East. GN delivered more than ten units cuttings dryer to Center East in last
year. Many of these equipment s are also providing with screw conveyors and
also flushing pumps.

GN drill down cuttings management systems like these equipments:
1 . GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer: a single set
Variable speed dryer can be adjusted by the VFD feel screen. GN used well-known
brands electrical brands for instance ABB or Siemens and so forth
2 . GN Decanter
: 1 set
GN decanter centrifuge is a cost-effective breaking up machine in the oil and
gas location. Due to the perfect quality components, it can be used for a long
time. GN professional engineers have been updating this centrifuge from the
beginning. De dos niveles stainless steel are used for the turning bowl.
Hundreds of tungsten carbide tiles are also fixed for the screw conveyors for
while usage.
3. GN Mud Tank
Mud tank is actually fixed on a compact skid for convenient move.
four. GN Screw Conveyor: two sets
GN screw conveyors are widely used in send drill cuttings in huge density and
viscosity. The important angle is usually within thirty five degree.
5. GN Mess Pumps: 2 sets
Just one set pump for flushing the cuttings dryer just in case the screen
basket obstructed. The other set is used to help pump the drill cuttings into
the decanter centrifuge.

GN Solids Control VertiG is tested
equipment to show good performance in many jobsite. We compete with US brand
and Europe brand, and we win many tenders from them.


We have VertiG working at Baker
Hughes jobsite, working performance is fine. Clients give high praise feedback.

GN Solids Control VertiG is also
working for Shell OBM drilling cuttings management. We beat CSI vertical dryer
and win this purchase order.

GN VertiG with decanter
is also working for Iran largest mud service company and Egypt
largest mud chemicals service company. GN equipment show high working
performance at both middle east and North Africa

In West Africa, we also have some big
clients. One drilling company (we call it WADC in next content). WADC is a
drilling company with 7 land rigs and many oil blocks. They start it project at
Nigeria about 8 years before and have very good reputation in drilling field
Nigeria. GN Solids Control holds hands with WADC about 3 years before and from
that time, WADC buy lots of equipment from us, especially for decanter
centrifuges and VertiG ( vertical
cuttings dryer
). Formerly, the company rent equipment with manpower service
from Schlumberger; the cost is very higher from long term use. Now they only
use decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryer and use their own
manpower, cost is very good and manpower is relatively very flexible.

What is the advantage of US brand solids
control equipment ?  Generally, the user
is more familiar with US brand solids control equipment. US brand start earlier
and train lots of service people in a world wide range. So, the drilling
company can get US brand equipment with good trained service people to get
better service. However, if they buy from China, even the equipment operation
is almost same, they have a Conflict psychology to refuse China solids control
equipment, even it is high quality and friendly for use.

As China leading brand for solids control
equipment & Drilling
waste management
equipment, we not only offer high quality equipment, but
also offer training schedules.


Drilling waste management system contains several equipment and tank to make a full solution including vertical cuttings dryer for dry drilling cuttings , decanter centrifuge to recycle drilling fluids out of vertical cuttings dryer , screw pump for feed decanter centrifuge and flush outlet of vertical cuttings dryer , air compressor to supply air for air knife on vertical cuttings dryer , screw conveyor to transfer drilling cuttings , mud tank and work plat form to make all process continuously .

Vertical cuttings dryer is one of the core equipment and will dry drilling cuttings with fluids content bellow 5 percent at 900 RPM rotating speed tank body . The screen can be use 0.25 to 0.5 mm size depending on requirement , one set of air knife will be needed to match vertical cuttings dryer which is powered by one set of air compressor . One set of screw pump will be needed to flush outlet fluids to keep sure fluids will be flow out when high viscosity and density . There will need minimum 2 sets of screw auger to feed drilling cuttings into vertical cuttings dryer , one set horizontal to collect drilling cuttings from shale shaker , desander and desilter , another one to feed drilling cuttings to vertical cuttings dryer .

One set high speed decanter centrifuge to recycle drilling fluids that recycled by vertical cuttings dryer at 2 to 5 microns separate at 3200 RPM bowl speed . one set of VFD control panels is optional , the VFD control panel will change speed of centrifuge bowl from 0 to 3200 RPM but quite big size . If you want small footprint , then you can choose one set of fixed speed decanter centrifuge .

Other than the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge , there will be other equipment to cooperate like screw pump , tank , work form , etc .