vertical cuttings dyrer

engineer only came back from a rig construction site for the commissioning of
GN drilling waste dryer system for a Nigeria drilling firm. It is a reputable
drilling corporation. All their rigs are major oil and gas drilling rig 1500hp.
Mostly, they use OBM (oil based mud) or SOBM for drilling. WBM (water base mud)
is not typically used. So waste management system is necessary for them. Just
one the one hand, it is ask by the company for setting protection. On the other
hand, it can recuperation drilling mud for using again, and save their going
cost on chemicals regarding drilling fluids.
Drilling spend equipment GN offered to typically the Nigeria drilling company
1) Drilling
waste decanter centrifuge
GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge is the most popular model to get drilling waste
arena. It is the latest design coming from GN group. It is a 12
inch variable frequency generate decanter centrifuge with utmost. speed

2) Top to bottom cutting dryer GNCD930
Up and down cuttings dryer is popular together with decanter centrifuge
intended for OBM (oil base mud treatment). The VG dryer is made and designed by
GN Solids Control. GN Solids
Control is the No . one particular manufacturer for drilling waste material vertical cuttings dryer

3) Screw pump take care of drilling waste transfer
Attach pump can transfer mud and feed for decanter centrifuge. The screw pump
GN cooperate with a A language like german company NETZSCH. All body fluids
touch material made from Metal 316L. GN can provided good quality with good
price tag.
4) Screw auger conveyer in difference sizes along with transfer length for
waste material cuttings transfer.
GN regular screw conveyer is with 16 feet length for each portion. Customer can
choose 1 portion ~ 4 section for getting length 12 ft, twenty four ft, 36 ft or
even 48 ft. Auger length have 12 in, 12 in and 18 quite a few option.

GN can delivers customized solutions on the drilling waste management field
Delightful you contact GN team freely for solution.

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GN Solids Control just dleiveried one set drilling cuttings process system to CNPC jobsite with engineers help commissioning on jobsite also . That is designed tipically for water base drilling mud drilling cuttings and they choose Hi G dryer shaker and decanter centrifuge for process . This is one of the modular design for water base mud drilling cuttings process with Hi G dryer part and decanter centrifuge part . And they choose another modular for oil base mud drilling cuttings process by vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge also for different drilling conditions .

Vertical cuttings dryer is one of the main equipment for drying drilling cuttings by centrifugal force by screen 0.25 to 0.5 mm size . The drying effenciency between 3 percent to 5 percent fluids content inside which will be good for the result . The treating capacity max 50 tons per hour depending on treating requirement . The bowl diameter size 930 mm and feeding by screw auger .

Decanter centrifuge will be lay after vertical cuttings dryer for recycle fluids content at speed 30 cubic meters per hour by GNLW363 model centrifuge , it can separate solids 2 – 5 microns by centrifugal force . The bowl diameter 360 mm with bowl length 1271 mm by SS2205 stainless material . The screw bolted tungsten carbid tiles on for helping protect screw impeller for longer working life .

Hi G dryer is on economy option for water base mud drilling cuttings process as it is only one third of the price of vertical cuttings dryer . The treating efficiency will be much lower than vertical cuttings dryer but still can be on good option depending on drilling conditions and budget information . Please contact GN Solids Control for more info.