GN Solids Control VertiG is tested
equipment to show good performance in many jobsite. We compete with US brand
and Europe brand, and we win many tenders from them.


We have VertiG working at Baker
Hughes jobsite, working performance is fine. Clients give high praise feedback.

GN Solids Control VertiG is also
working for Shell OBM drilling cuttings management. We beat CSI vertical dryer
and win this purchase order.

GN VertiG with decanter
is also working for Iran largest mud service company and Egypt
largest mud chemicals service company. GN equipment show high working
performance at both middle east and North Africa

In West Africa, we also have some big
clients. One drilling company (we call it WADC in next content). WADC is a
drilling company with 7 land rigs and many oil blocks. They start it project at
Nigeria about 8 years before and have very good reputation in drilling field
Nigeria. GN Solids Control holds hands with WADC about 3 years before and from
that time, WADC buy lots of equipment from us, especially for decanter
centrifuges and VertiG ( vertical
cuttings dryer
). Formerly, the company rent equipment with manpower service
from Schlumberger; the cost is very higher from long term use. Now they only
use decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryer and use their own
manpower, cost is very good and manpower is relatively very flexible.

What is the advantage of US brand solids
control equipment ?  Generally, the user
is more familiar with US brand solids control equipment. US brand start earlier
and train lots of service people in a world wide range. So, the drilling
company can get US brand equipment with good trained service people to get
better service. However, if they buy from China, even the equipment operation
is almost same, they have a Conflict psychology to refuse China solids control
equipment, even it is high quality and friendly for use.

As China leading brand for solids control
equipment & Drilling
waste management
equipment, we not only offer high quality equipment, but
also offer training schedules.