What kind of waste materials can be treated
with thermal desorption unit (TDU)

Thermal desorption unit
is mainly used to treat the waste solids discharged from drilling
waste management equipment
, like vertical cuttings dryer, high G drying
, decanter centrifuge, etc… In theory, all oil type solids whose vaporization
point is below 420 degree centigrade could be treated with thermal desorption
unit (TDU). The oil type solids above mentioned is oily waste with a certain
amount solids, like mixture of mud and sand, the oily sludge after tank

Functions of Thermal desorption (TDU) unit
for waste materials

The pyrolysis furnace roller in thermal
desorption unit (TDU) heat the waste material in spilling way, and the material
is pushed forward by shoveling plates weld with a certain angle on the roller’s
inner wall. If the material is only oily mud, the spilling character would be
lower. The Pyrolysis Oil can be used as fuel oil. Diesel and heavy oil can also
be used as alternative fuel type for the startup and running of the thermal
desorption unit.  

Many people are wondering if the thermal
desorption unit can be used to treat waste tires or not. Below explanation can
be taken for your information.

Generally speaking, the Thermal desorption
unit (TDU) is mostly designed and used for oily sludge or oil waste from oil
and gas drilling field. And it is suggested to be used only for oily sludge or
oil waste. In principle, it can be used to treat the waste tire. But you need
to take out the steel wire from the tires and chock it into small pieces and
add some extra material to prevent it to bond on the drum unit,. And the size
after bond is better no larger than 30mm*30mm*30mm. normally, the thermal
desorption unit (TDU) have the dust removal system for the gas, But depends on
the local regulations, you may need extra treatment system for the discharges.