The GN drilling cuttings Solidification/Stabilization unit required is easily operated and maintained, also since it’s adjustable preset capacity, it works continuously and automatically, so it needs relatively few man-hours, moreover, no chemical waste that requires further treatment is produces. This produces an environmentally safe, dry material that is acceptable for onsite, or land farming disposal at an approved waste facility. Solidification of wastes involves the production of a solid mass having the sufficiently high structural integrity to allow transport and /or disposal of the solid without requiring secondary containment. This technology converts hydrologic sensitive liquid and semi-liquids waste in a physical form that can be stored safely.

Stabilization involves the immobilization of constituents in wastes by chemical alteration to form insoluble compounds, or by entrapment within the solidified product.


GN Drilling Cuttings Solidification or Stabilization Unit

1) Drilling waste collection hopper collects all the drill cuttings & drilling waste, which is transported to the mixing chamber by the underneath screw conveyor at pre-set capacity.

2) The cement storage box is keeping cement powder, through the tubular screw conveyor, powders are sent to the mixer at pre-set capacity.

3) In the same way, the absorber is kept in a box, then sent to the mixer by tubular screw conveyor.

4) There is 2ea 1.5inch liquid inlet, for water feeding, liquid chemical feeding, located beside the mixer inlet.

5) The high-shear mixer mixes all the material and push to the front at the same time. When the solids go to the discharge port, it is already mixed sufficiently, then discharge.

Drilling waste is solidified by our innovative blending technology and can be processed continually on-site. The dosing rates of the absorber and the sludge cements powder can be adjusted accordingly. After processed, the drilling cuttings are eco-friendly and environmentally safe for disposal.

A screw conveyor is a mechanism that uses a rotating helical screw blade, called a “flighting”, usually within a tube, to move liquid or granular materials. They are often used in food waste, wood chip, animal feed, meat and bone meal, municipal solid waste, and many others. GN Solids America LLC is one of the manufacturing-based located in headquarter Beijing China name GN Solids control. GN Screw Conveyor is popular in the oil gas industry for transferring the drilling cuttings to feed to the cuttings dryer, and cuttings collection box.GN designed 3 sizes of diameter with 12inch, 14inch, and 18inch. Screw speed with (50-60RPM). Each size has 4 different lengths for option according to the drilling site of the customer. GN Solids utilize a custom-designed and constructed Screw Conveyor (Auger) as part of drilling waste management system. The Auger is designed with 12 feet per section which makes it be standard spare parts for exchange with each other. The screw material utilized by GN is abrasive material which lasts longer than our competitors. The Screw Conveyor (Auger) is designed to offer an efficient, low cost, cuttings transport system for offshore and onshore drilling installations. The screw conveyor is manufactured to the highest safety standards and is fitted with a protective grating or cover to prevent foreign bodies entering the conveyor system, and to of forehanded safety for all personnel. GN Screw Conveyor is built to ensure power, performance, and longevity in harsh applications, in demanding environments, and in extreme duty cycles. Not only the high quality and the price is very affordable. GN can design a screw conveyor customized by special requested.

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GN Mud Gun

BY 13 June 2019 Mud Gun

Mud Gun is designed for users to mix and suspend particles in a solids control system. Mud Gun can prevent the mud from precipitating. It is a very simple tool and easy to operate. It is usually we operate with mud agitator; agitator should place at tank center and mud gun at the tank corners. This will reduce solids build up in tank corners. Size of the tank will determine the number of mud gun to be used.

There are many different designs of mud guns. GN Mud Gun design comes with 3 nozzles. Customer can choose the nozzle size is 2” (DN 50) or 3” (DN80). Also, two styles of the structure, one is fixed (0 degrees) the other is rotary (360 degrees).  Build for tough task purpose GN Mud Gun designed with strong materials with affordable price. GN Mud Gun is the best product to have in your solid control system.

GN Mud Agitator

Mud agitator usually mounted on mud tank for mix the drilling mud to avoid the drilled cuttings and refined solids from the settlement. Each large compartment of storage tank should be equipped with mud agitators to keep the appropriate drilling mud that will draw out to the borehole.

GN horizontally mounted agitator included an explosion-proof motor, coupled to a gearbox that drives the impeller shaft. The impellers (turbines) transform mechanical power into fluid circulation or agitation. The objective is to obtain a uniform suspension of all solids. Motors range from 4 to 30 HP and Horsepower may be de-rated for 50Hz or 60 Hz power configuration. Available horsepower ratings are: 4, 7.48, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30.

Why chose GN Mud Agitator? It is lightweight, low noise, explosion-proof electric motor, high efficiency of transmission and strong horsepower agitator.  

GN Solids Control has rich experiences in drilling solids control and manufactures a complete series of equipment for the solids control related works. Automatic tank cleaning system is one of the equipment to clean mud tanks in a very efficient and cost-effective way.

There are huge amount of mud tanks in the drilling industry. With different type of well to be drilled, mud tanks need to be cleaned to avoid cross contamination, say mud tanks containing residuals of water-based mud may contaminate oil based mud if the water based mud is not cleaned thoroughly.

Usually this type of work is done manually. Workers have to wear heavy protection clothes and step into the mud tanks, which may contain toxic gas inside, so the workers have to wear masks too. This process is quite labor intensive. As it takes 4 to 6 hours for 6 people to clean mud tanks, the cost is pretty high, in addition to the dangers the workers are exposed to. As it takes about 1 day to have the tank cleaned, efficiency is quite low.

GN Solids control is aware of this challenge and is determined to help the industry to overcome this challenge. It developed an automatic mud tanks cleaning system, which has the following advantages:

  • Secure the safety of the workers. With GN Solids Control’s automatic tank cleaning system, there is no need for human to be exposed to the dangerous working environment, all they need to do is to have mount the tank cleaning machine in the mud tanks, that is it;
  • Greatly increased efficiency. Typical cleaning time with the automatic tank cleaning system is about 30 minutes, and 1 hour with equipment deployment and retraction. This is less than 10% of the time needed for manual operation. That means the mud tanks can be ready to be used in one hour, compared to one day with labor cleaning. This can greatly reduce the cost to use mud tanks and drilling rigs do not need to have that many mud tanks as before;

The automatic tank cleaning system by GN Solids Control will change the horizon of mud tank cleaning.

The 400BBL mud purification system was sent to the Australian drilling company. Recently, the 400BBL mud purification system customized for the Australian customers has completed the production and commissioning work. The 400BBL mud purification system designed and manufactured by GN Solid Control is designed according to the actual needs of customers. In the design process and equipment configuration of this set of 400BBL mud purification system, the cost and treatment effect are taken into consideration, and the Australian acceptance criteria required by the customer are realized. The customer’s acceptance of the factory has been well received by the customer.

The configuration of the 400BBL mud purification system produced by GN Solid Control mainly includes two sets of Shale shaker, one jet mixing device, two mud mixers and one mud tank. The mud vibrating screen produced by our company can be produced according to the depth of the customer’s on-site drilling rig. The model ordered by this customer is GNZS703E-HB type mud vibrating screen. The mud vibrating screen produced by GN Solid Control is efficient at the site. The separation capability enables efficient recovery of useful drilling fluids. The jet mixing device ordered by this Australian customer is mainly used for on-site configuration and weighting drilling, changing drilling fluid density, viscosity, water loss, etc. The jet mixing funnel is designed according to the Venturi principle. The customer orders the mud mixing on the mud tank. The device is mainly used to maintain the uniformity of the drilling fluid and suspend the solid phase particles, and continuously and reliably mix and mix the drilling fluid in the field. Mud tanks are used to transfer and store mud.

GN Solid Control has many years of experience in design and production of mud purification systems. It has been widely used in China, Australia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions. It adapts to various working conditions and adapts to various types of drilling rigs. System, our company has accumulated rich experience in mud system design, configuration and production. Many customers are working together with GN Solid Control. GN Solid Control attaches great importance to product on-site commissioning and after-sales. GN Solid Control’s after-sales team will provide on-site guidance installation and operation training. Sales personnel will also regularly visit customers, communicate problems encountered at the scene, and provide remote support. GN Solid Control rich production experience and case accumulation, perfect after-sales service, is the customer’s first choice!

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