Screw conveyor is widely used in oil drilling site for waste material transferring. This week, GN completed the fabrication of a batch screw conveyers ordered by a client from Africa. After the factory delivery inspection, these screw conveyers would be shipped out.

Where the screw conveyor would be positioned on drilling site
1. For drilling waste cuttings collection and transferring. In mud system, the drilling fluids coming out from the well will be feed into the shaker, cyclone and decanter centrifuge step by step. In each state, the drilling cuttings with different size will be discharged out from fore mentioned equipment. The screw conveyor is the ideal equipment to collect all the waste cuttings and make a pit-less mud recycling system. For this purpose, several unit screw conveyor would be installed beside the mud tank and under the separation equipment discharge chute with the top cover open for easy collection.

2. For waste cuttings treatment and transferring. The collected waste cuttings still has large content liquid that can be recovered. According to the position of the cuttings dryer unit, operators can adjust the location of the screw conveyer for feeding the waste cutting into the dryer unit. More drilling fluids would be recover, less waste will be discharged. In the meanwhile, an extra screw conveyer unit can be positioned under the discharge port of the dryer unit so that can transfer the treated cuttings out of the system.

GN screw conveyor is designed to offer an efficient, low cost, cutting transportation system both offshore and onshore drilling installation. Per client’s requirement, the variable frequency motor can be adopted for freely speed control. For safety consideration, the whole body of the screw conveyor is fitted with protective grating or cover to prevent foreign matters entering the conveying system. For more information on the screw conveyor, please feel free to contact with GN.

How to recover more fluids from the used drilling mud? All driller are thinking about this question all the time. Now GN released the ViST vacuum shaker screen system that can help to recover more drilling fluids with high efficiency.


What is ViST Vacuum Shaker Screen System

As the name implies, the ViST vacuum shaker screen system is including a ViST vacuum unit connecting with a collecting pan that is installed under the last panel shaker screen at the solids discharge port. The pan is like a hopper with an opening at the bottom where connect to the vacuum unit via a hose. When the drilling cuttings pass through the last panel screen, the remaining large quantity fluids on the cutting would be sucked and get through the shaker screen mesh to the pan then to the vacuum unit. At the vacuum unit, the discharge port is connected to a storage tank, the recovered fluids will finally be transferred to the tank.

Benefits in using the ViST Vacuum Shaker Screen System

1. The Vist vacuum shaker screen system is suitable for OBM, WBM and SBM.
2. Recovered drilling fluids increased by 30%~50%, greatly reduces the discharge of drilling fluids. Per the drilling speed, the recovered drilling fluid is around 3 cubic meters per day. And the cost in transporting the waste will be greatly reduced.
3. Saving the cost in placing a High G force drying shaker on site, as the ViST vacuum shaker screen can make the discharged cuttings much dryer. The installation design will not need any extra area onsite.
4. By using the ViST vacuum shaker screen system, the mud engineer can put finer screen on the shaker which and separate the much finer cuttings.

GN is only able to provide the ViST vacuum shaker screen system to fit on GN won shale shaker, but also on clients’ existing shale shaker. The ViST vacuum shaker screen is an ideal device for recovering more drilling fluids and reducing the waste discharge. It can bring great financial benefit to clients. For more information, please feel free to contact with GN.

Recently, GN finished the fabrication of a batch solids control equipment ordered by an oilfield service company from Venezuela. More than 10 units drilling mud centrifugal pump are part of the order and already packed waiting for delivery.
In drilling mud recycling system, the centrifugal pump is a type of very important equipment that is always used for drilling mud transferring. There are several applications of the centrifugal pump as below.

Centrifugal Pump used for feeding to cyclone unit
Normally is the solids control system, de-sander, de-silter andmud cleaner would be used to remove fine solids. Centrifugal pump could be used to suck the mud after treated by the shale shaker, and send to the de-sander and de-silter cyclone. In the meanwhile, the centrifugal pump gives the power or pressure for mud processing in cyclone.

Centrifugal Pump used for mud mixing
By connecting with mixing hopper and manifold, the centrifugal pump can be used as a mixing pump for adding mud material into the drilling mud. The pump also has shearing function for some polymers.

Centrifugal Pump used at trip tank
On rig site, when replacing the drilling pipe, drilling mud need to be pumped down to the drilling well for supplement of the pressure decreasing. The centrifugal pump is an ideal equipment to do this job.

Centrifugal Pump used as supercharge pump
The recycled drilling mud finally will be pumped back to rig top and going down to the drilling bit. Between the mud system tank and high pressure mud pump, the centrifugal pump could be used as a bridge for transferring the active drilling mud to mud pump.

All the spare parts of GN centrifugal pump are interchangeable with world famous brand pump, which makes the maintenance of the pump more convenient. To ensure a long working life, GN adopts hard ductile iron alloy as the material of pump casing and impeller. For more information on GN centrifugal pump, please no hesitate to contact with GN.

This week, GN will ship out 9 sets drilling fluids shale shakers ordered by a Shandong client. Shale shaker is one the main products in GN production line. With more than 10 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing the shale shaker for drilling fluids recycling, GN has upgraded several versions of the shale shaker for better meeting clients’ requirement and the onsite performance.

The shale shaker is mainly used to remove the coarse solids in the drilling fluids recycling or other separation job. GN has 3 standard series of shale shaker as per application and capacity.

Drilling fluids shale shaker GNZS703F is with treating capacity of 120 cubic meters per hour, and it can be used in normal oil drilling solids control system and larger capacity trenchless drilling mud recycling system. This model is with 3 panelshaker screens and can be upgraded to GNZS706 double layer shale shaker with 6 panel screen for large capacity and both coarse and find solids separation.

GNZS594F is a shaker model with 4 panel screens for capacity of 140 cubic meters per hour. The screen matching this shaker is interchangeable with world famous brand. By changing the feeder to a hopper type, this model shale shaker could be used as a high G force drying shaker used in drilling waste cuttings management system.

GN also has small capacity mini shaker model GNZS752F with 2 panel screens, 45 cubic meters per hour. This model could be used in small HDD mud system, piling project and diamond core drilling project. It is worthy to mention that this model can also be upgraded to GNZS753F with 2 layers screen.

All GN drilling fluids shale shaker is provided with installed composite frame shaker screen with much durable features and long working lifetime. Client can find almost all the popular replacement shaker screen in GN. Please click below link for more information on GN Screen Purchasing Reward Point policy to get a shale shaker with big discount.

Today, GN quality inspectors made the delivery inspection for one batch mud centrifugal pumps and other solids control equipment that would be shipped to a Russia client. These equipment ordered including 6 shale shaker, 2 mud cleaners, 6 centrifugal pumps, 2 centrifugal degasser and 4 decanter centrifuges for 2 rigs.

GN Centrifugal Pump Features
1. Pump spare parts interchangeable with most of the international brand pump for customer easy source
2. Pump casing make from hard ductile iron alloy that increases abrasion resistance capability.
3. Wide open-vane impeller creates lower axial thrust to improve bearing life.
4. High quality non-adjustment mechanical seal to provide zero leakage and longer operation life.
5. All bearing used from top brand for reliable operation.

GN Shale Shaker/Mud Cleaner Features
1. Shaker deck is complete heat treatment to increase the strength
2. Screen supporting frame make from stainless steel for better anti-corrosion feature
3. Composite frame screen matched with longer working time and less knock off to replace the screen
4. Rubber bushing protected damping spring for personnel safe and better rust resistance.
5. Angle adjustable shaker deck could be adjusted during running from either one end with both ends adjusted.

GN Decanter Centrifuge Features
1. Bowl material is duplex stainless steel 2304 that is much better than SS316
2. Bowl is made by centrifugal casting technology for better material distribution and none air blister
3. Screw propeller also from stainless steel with tungsten carbide tile bolted on scraper for protection and long working life.
4. Solids discharging port protected by tungsten carbide bushing
5. Both fixed speed model and VFD model available for customers’ option

GN has more than ten years’ experience in making solids control equipment. Client can get proposal of both single equipment and complex solids control system from GN. Welcome call and ask for a quote.