Last week, GN shipped out one set high standard solids control system to Australia for a client from oil gas industry. Though the Australia standard is considered to be the strictest one in industry, GN was confident that the solids control system could be fabricated as per the standard and achieve client requirement.

Actually, GN ever shipped one sethelicopter lifting mud tank system to Australia client last year. That system was also high standard request on weight and tank design.

Below few request from Client to show Australia high standard

1. All electrical material needs to be Australia standard like the wire cable color which is considered to consistence concern when client’s engineer does the cable wiring job. This will not confuse the client so as to make the job easy. In oil gas industry, all electrical material like motors, control panels, even cable glands need to be explosion proof. For Australia, client request it should be IECEX standard, and GN is able to provide that.
2. In designing the tank system, client also provided many suggestions and notices to GN engineer to ensure the design is comply with the safety standard. These comments almost covered all aspects of the tank design from walkway, handrail, lifting pad, valves and even the distance between adjacent components. All these designs have specified request and need to be approved.
3. The tank top surface is fixed with high strength glass fiber reinforced plastics for long time working time and better resistance to impaction and UV. They also have very high standard in welding and painting.

The client is using this solids control system for a work over rig drilling project. The system is consisting of 2 tanks. The first tank would be used to fix 2 unit shale shakers for drilling mud cleaning, and second tank is used for adding mud chemicals as equipped with mixing pump and mud hopper. Both tanks have mud agitators and mud guns for mud mixing. For more information, welcome call to GN.

This month, GN arranged the shipment of two sets large bowl decanter centrifuge to Australia for coal mining slurry dewatering process.
The model of the large bowl decanter centrifuge is GNLW764 that is the largest centrifuge GN can make at this time. For the coal slurry dewatering project, always a large flow capacity is required. That is why the client selected GN largest decanter centrifuge.

Features of GN Large Bowl Decanter Centrifuge GNLW764A

1. The rotating bowl is made from duplex stainless steel 2304 with centrifugal casting processing for better balance performance.
2. Screw conveyor is also rom stainless steel and the blade is protected with tungsten carbide for long working life.

3. To protect the motor of the large bowl decanter centrifuge. GN equips the VFD control panel for the operation of the centrifuge. So that the motor can be started to run at a low speed to prevent the over high electric current to burn the motor. In the meanwhile, a VFD control panel will let the operator to run the decanter centrifuge with different speed for various process purposes.
4. The lubrication system is using oil pump to feed lubricants to both of the bearing seats. The plate type heating exchanging system can effectively cool down the lubrication oil so that to get a better cooling performance and the temperature sensor installed on the bearing seat will send signal to the PLC to trip off the centrifuge in case of over high temperature.

GN decanter centrifuge is mostly used in drilling mud solids control. However, now is applied in more and more other industries like mining slurry dewatering, waste water treatment and oily sludge treatment. For more information on GN big bowl decanter centrifuge, please contact us freely.

Last week, GN finished the manufacturing of several units poorboy degassers and shale shakers that ordered by an Egypt client. Now the order has been packed well and waiting for delivery.
Manufactured per API and ISO standard, GN pooboy degasser could be used in underbalanced condition drilling to prevent a dramatic pressure surges. For safety consideration, the poorboy degasser is seen as indispensable equipment on oil gas drilling site, especially for deep drilling rig. The poorboy degasser is also named as mud gas separator.

The poor boy degasser is always installed beside the mud system. In normal condition, the drilling mud coming out of the well will flow directly to the shale shaker unit for cuttings removing. In case gas layer was intruded by drilling tools, a blowout might happen. This is the time the poor boy degasser will be applied to relieve the high pressure of the gas- invade drilling fluids and separate the gas that might be flammable or hazardous.

GN’s mud gas separator has a simple structure with fluid inlet at upper part of the vessel. Inside the vessel, several baffle plates are welded on the inner wall of the vessel. The drilling fluids coming from the inlet will impact on the baffle plates so as to release the gas in the fluids.

Gas accumulates and then is vented out from outlet on top of the vessel. The treated mud will fall down and accumulate at the lower part of the vessel, and then discharged out to the shale shaker unit. At bottom of the vessel, there is a drain valve for cleaning of the poorboy degasser.

GN shale shaker has below features to provide excellent performance to client
1. Simple structure with strong vibration deck for easy operation
2. Composite frame screen for long working time and convenient replacement
3. Patented embedded sealing technology to prevent fluids leakage
4. Stainless steel screen support frame for better anti-corrosion performance

To get more information on GN solids control equipment, please go to GN website or make a call for assistance.

Hebei GN Solid Control Co., Ltd. is located in Chaobai River Industrial Zone in the east of Beijing. It focuses on the research and development of mud separation equipment, mud recovery system, waste slurry treatment system, sludge treatment system and diversified mud transportation equipment. “GN Solid Control” has developed into a leading brand in the industry through unremitting efforts. The products manufactured are sold in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. GN Solid Control established a branch in Houston, USA in 2013: GN Solids America, the first Chinese manufacturer of mud solid-control equipment in the United States. In addition, GN Solid Control has established cooperative branches in Russia, Australia, the Middle East and Latin America. Our international brand: GN Solids Control is a well-known brand in the industry, and its products and services are highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.


The mud recovery system produced by GN Solid Control is currently the largest manufacturer and largest exporter of mud recovery systems in China. Its products have obtained the long-term cooperation strategy agreement of the country’s largest non-excavation construction unit in the non-excavation industry.


First, GN solid control G series products are divided into the following seven standard models:

  1. GNMS-200G processing capacity is 200GPM, 50m3/h


  1. GNMS-350G processing capacity is 350GPM, 80m3/h


  1. GNMS-500B/G/GL processing capacity is 500GPM, 120m3/h


4, GNMS-1000G processing capacity is 1000GPM, 240m3 / h


5, GNMS-2000GL processing capacity 2000GPM, 480m3 / h


Second, the main application areas of GN solid control G series mud recovery system:

  1. Non-excavation horizontal directional crossing/HDD


  1. Coalbed methane drilling


  1. Large, medium and small shield engineering


4, water wells, geothermal wells


  1. Mining drilling engineering, etc.

According to different projects, GN’s engineering team will design a corresponding solution to achieve the best processing results.

More question,welcome contact GN solids control

This week, GN arranged the delivery of one set compact design oil sludge treatment system to Client from Europe. The client firstly saw GN oil sludge treatment system at the Beijing CIPPE show this March. After two times factory inspection and business communication, the clients placed order.

Please click below link to watch the working video of this oil sludge treatment system.

This skid mounted system is used to recover the oil from oily sludge coming from various sources like drilling waste cuttings, refinery waste, and oil tank remains etc. It is consisting of chemical dosing, premixing, 2-phase separation and 3-phase separation modules.

For economy purpose, client instructed to replace the automatic polymer dosing system by a simple mixing tank in where client can pour the liquid or powder chemicals for making the chemical solution. The solution will be pumped into the premixing tank for demulsfication to remove the oil from solids. The premixing vessel is equipped with heating line better performance.

A mini shale shaker and a mini decanter centrifuge are the main equipment in the 2-phase separation process. Sludge after a while demulsfication in premixing tank would be transferred to the shaker unit for large size solids removing; liquid with fine solids will be pumped to the decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation. Most of the solids can be removed in this process; the liquid discharged from the decanter centrifuge is consisting of water, oil and little amount of solids all of that will be collected in a buffering tank waiting for 3-phase separation.

In 3-phase separation procedure, a disc type centrifuge is used to separate the oil, water and ultra-fine solids. By using this oil sludge treatment system, the oil could be recovered from the waste so as to the waste discharge would be greatly reduced. This is beneficial for environment protection and also good in obtaining economic profit.

This compact oil sludge treatment system could be used as a pilot unit to prove the oily sludge can be treated by this technology, once the testing result was satisfying; GN is able to provide the system with larger capacity. Actually, the result is proved onsite, and the client also placed an order for 15 cubic meters capacity system in the same time.