The Features of GN High G Drying Shaker, Updated.

The GN High G Drying Shaker is a high-performance solids control and drying system designed to recover silts and ultra-fine sands from drilling cuttings. It features an adjustable G force up to 8.0 G, which allows for more efficient drying of cuttings and the recovery of more valuable fluids.

This shaker also has a number of other features that make it a valuable tool for drilling operations, including:

G force up to 8.0 adjustable for better separation.

Single point shaker deck angle adjustment: One-person, mechanically synchronized angel adjustment from either side.

The patented design of screen bed sealing: Eliminates solids bypass the screen panels, lower maintenance cost.

Stainless-steel bottom frame of the shaker deck: The stainless-steel bottom frame is corrosion-resistant and provides a longer service life.

Heat treatment of the whole deck: The whole deck is heat-treated for durability and a longer service life.

Easy screen inspection, removal, and installation: Pre-tensioned composite frame screens are easy to inspect, remove, and install. Wedges allow for quick and secure adjustments.

The API 10-API 325 screens are supplied: API 10-API 325 screens.

Leading international brand vibrator motors: Martin or OLI.

Leading international brand electrical elements: Siemens or Schneider.

Feeders are optional for different occasions: Box feeder or weir feeder.

Two mud discharge modes: Discharge cutouts and underflow hopper.

Optional splash covers provide a clean operating environment.


The GN High G Drying Shaker is a simple and efficient system that can significantly improve the solids control and drying performance of a drilling operation. It is a valuable tool to make the mud dryer that need to be disposed of and recover valuable fluids.