GN Solids America is committed to protecting the environment and complying with environmental discharge regulations. Especially in drilling fluid recycling applications, GN solids control equipment could maximize the recovery of drilling cuttings and recover fluids. GN small decanter centrifuge is mainly used in diamond drilling and core industry to remove fine solids in fluids.


The GN decanter centrifuge combined with other solids control units forms a complete dewatering system. At the remote drilling site, our dewatering system allows drilling contractors to reduce the amount of wastewater and water transported. The complete dewatering system can fully recycle contaminated drilling fluids and recover clean water. The Vibratory Screen functions as the first stage to launch large, aggressive particles. The GN decanter centrifuge is normally installed at the end of the dewatering system to remove fine solids and obtain clean fluids. Here are some reasons why many drilling companies choose the GN centrifuge. Small Decanter Centrifuge

Advantages of GN Small Bowl Centrifuge


  1. GN core and diamond drilling decanter centrifuge is a 9” bowl centrifuge that occupies a very small size and fits the restricted drilling site.


  1. 3800RPM is capable of removing 2~5 micron solids in fluids. We also offer Fixed Speed ​​Control Panel, Variable Frequency Drive(VFD) Control Panel, Standard Motor and Hydraulic Motor to meet or exceed customer expectations.


  1. We use high-standard duplex stainless steel to manufacture the centrifuge, and high-quality and durable bearings are also installed in the decanter centrifuge.


  1. The GN centrifuge can efficiently remove finer solids and control the weight or density of fluids, thus obviously improving ROP.


Except for drilling and diamond applications, GN centrifuges are also used in oil and gas drilling fluid industry. We have 14″, 18″ and 22″ bowl centrifuges to meet different requirements. Contact GN for more information.

The GN Compact Solids Removal Unit (SRU) is used for solids control of drilling fluids for small mining rigs for diamond drilling. Instead of using traditional drilling sumps, the GN Solids Removal Unit is described The GN Solids Removal Unit (SRU) is used for solids control of drilling fluids for small mining rigs for diamond drilling. Instead of using traditional drilling sumps, drilling contractors and resource companies in the drilling industry describe the GN Solids Extraction Unit as the way of the future. The closed loop drilling fluid system is a cost-effective solution to reduce environmental impact and greatly improve the efficiency of drilling operations.

Working principle of the GN solids removal unit

Drilling fluid circulates directly from the drill collar to the GN Mini Shale agitator for first-stage solids removal. And a positive displacement feed pump carries drilling fluids below the agitator tank to feed the GN mini decanter centrifuge for fine solids removal. Clean drilling fluids are returned to the drilling hole for reuse. The highly mobile unit also incorporates a mixing chamber and mixing hopper and pumps, allowing chemical drilling fluids to be added accurately and efficiently. The GNLW223 Baby Centrifuge is the world’s smallest decanter centrifuge for treating drilling fluids. It is popular in the diamond core drilling industry.


Features and Benefits of the GN Solids Removal Unit

Process capacity: 0-150 LPM

Reduction of drilling fluid consumption by more than 40% Autonomous unit with agitator, centrifuge, pumps, mixing, tanks and generators (optional).

Environmentally friendly, no drilling of wells: reduced water consumption

Reduces site installation and repair costs

Reduced downhole rig costs by improving diamond drill bit/rod life.

GN Solids Control manufactures the decanter centrifuge for the profitable production of fruit juice, direct juice, and vegetable juice. The high-quality machine is designed to achieve high production output with lower costs due to reliable operation, lower maintenance, and service cost. GN has developed other lines of processes in which it diversifies its processes to the one it has been working on normally directed at solids control equipment.

Typical fruit and vegetable juice process

  • The vegetable or fruit is fed to a mill by means of an elevator for grinding.
  • The belt press is washed with water and separates the fluid into a liquid phase and solid phase.
  • The solid phase is sent to the vibrating screen and the liquid phase is sent for enzymatic treatment.

After treatment, the liquid phase is sent to a decanter centrifuge to produce fruit or vegetable juice.

However, among the above processes, many other treatments and processes are involved to meet the quality and standard for beverage manufacturing.

Advantage of GN Decanter Centrifuge to produce fruit juice and vegetable juice:

  • Optimize juice extraction to maximize the yield of fruit juice and vegetable juice.
  • Reduction of the content of settleable solids and improvement of the quality of the juice generate more benefits for the producer.
  • Optimum clarification of fruit juices, and vegetable juices with a reliable machine with lower maintenance and operation costs.
  • High-efficiency Decanter Centrifuge and beverage-making machine to adapt to different plants.
  • Worldwide distribution partners in the juice manufacturing industry.
  • High-quality stainless steel is made from centrifugal casting for durability and long life.
  • Less space, clear design, easy access, and less maintenance to minimize the cost of installation and operation.

Popular fruit juices include orange juice, grapefruit juice, strawberry juice, apple juice, grape juice, pear juice, mango juice, peach juice, apricot juice, kiwi juice, hawthorn juice, pineapple juice, guava juice, passionflower juice, tomato juice, fresh carrot juice, etc.

Popular vegetable juices include fresh carrot juice, celery juice

cabbage juice, cucumber juice, tomato juice, and pumpkin juice with honey. Normally, vegetable juice is a juice made from all kinds of vegetables.

The functionality that GN offers in its centrifugal decanters in its wide range of models allows preventive maintenance to be carried out over longer periods and with less economic impact, allowing the end customer to maximize their production costs; Seeing GN Solids control equipment as the best option, a safe and guaranteed investment in the short and long term.


GN Solids Control manufactures a complete line of equipment for the control, separation and transport of solids, including decanter centrifuges (2-phase and 3-phase), disc separators, shale shakers, screw filter presses, etc. Much of the equipment needs the explosion-proof capability to be able to work in hazardous operating conditions.

Due to this requirement, GN Solids Control manufactures blast control panels for the applications. A typical application is the decanter centrifuge in oil and gas drilling.

For such an application, GN Solids Control provides an air-conditioned control panel. This type of control panel can work up to 55 degrees Celsius.

This type of panel uses an airtight, corrosion-resistant stainless steel casing. Compressed air is fed into the control panel to establish a positive pressure so that the explosive gas cannot enter the control panel and thus an explosion does not occur.

Inside this control panel are all the control elements. The most important is the PLC.

GN Solids Control standardized PLC, uses Omron or Siemens, and is moving to use only Siemens PLCs and touch screens.

The control panel also houses the VFD. Due to the high power of VFDs, it is necessary to use a large enclosure. Good ventilation is imperative for such an application.

The advanced control program is used in the said control panel. It will control the decanter centrifuge, it will automatically and continuously optimize the parameters of the decanter centrifuge so that it always works in optimal conditions according to the predefined target. It also monitors the temperature and vibration of decanter centrifuges to protect your safety. GN Solids Control also provides an optional monitoring kit to provide real-time analysis of bearings and alerts once anomalies are found by the PLC through its advanced algorithm.

The GN Solids Control Dashboard also provides other functionality please contact GN Solids Control for more information.


GN Solids Control has within its line of development the manufacture of complete mining sludge treatment systems for clients in the mining industry. As a leading manufacturer of solids control equipment and waste management treatment systems, GN Solids Control has provided products to more than 70 countries.

In the mining area, some customers use high-pressure water to wash minerals, because those finer particles are also very expensive, they also need to recycle small particles. This GN mining sludge treatment system is used to recycle expensive particles. It mainly includes the following three parts:

1. GN High G-Force Vibratory Screen

A vibrating shaker is one of the most used treatment equipment for the separation of solids and liquids. Using the high G-force (up to 8.0 G), the slurry separates on the shale shaker screens due to gravity differences between the solid and liquid. GN Solids Control manufactures thousands of vibrating screens each month. Many replacement screens are used on Mi-Swaco, Derrick, NOV, FSI and Kemtron shale shakers.

2. GN decanter centrifuge

The GN centrifuge is the second stage of treatment. After treatment with a GN Hi-G agitator, solids larger than 100 microns can be separated, while smaller solids or particles need to be further treated using 10-inch or 4-inch GN cyclones. Sometimes GN decanter centrifuges are directly used to separate the particles larger than 2~5 microns. Here GN recommends using an 18-inch rotary bowl centrifuge, which is GNW452. GN centrifuges are widely used in various areas, many big customers like Shell, Baker Hughes or Bariod are using GN centrifuges.

3. GN mud tank

The GN Hi-G agitator and centrifuge are mounted in the mud tank. And there is also a screw feed pump (feed decanter centrifuge) fixed on the side tank.

With this compact design, the GN mining sludge treatment system can be easily moved between different sites.