This week, GN is almost finished the fabrication of 8 units solids vacuum pump what would be used in a long distance mud transfer project in Beijing. Now GN’s engineer is the making the last step of delivery inspection and packing.
In client’s project, it is a long distance from the mud pit to the rig. This brought a problem to client how to transfer plenty of mud to where it would be used. The client didn’t get a good solution till they saw GN vacuum pump at the CIPPE show this March.

GN Solids Vacuum pump is a 100 percent pneumatic driving pump that could be used to transfer high solids content sludge like the oilfield drilling waste cuttings, normal drilling mud in recycling system, vessel remaining sludge etc. The other feature of this type pump is the capability to suck and discharge the sludge from and to faraway place.

The client totally order 8 this vacuum pump from GN, and each 4 of them would be installed together to get a large capacity. Besides the pumps, client also ordered 2 empty containers that would be especially used to pack and mount the pumps. Few people will get the idea to put the pump unit into the container. This installation will bring some benefits. All parts of the pump would be covered and protected. All the pumps are installed in the container neatly for convenient operation onsite. This package term is also good for transportation, client only need one time lifting, then 4 pumps can be loaded on the truck. The vacuum pump need air compressor to work, thus the container is provided with air buffer vessel. All suction and discharging pipe manifold are provided and connected, before running onsite, client only need to connect the quick connectors.
GN solid vacuum pump can be used in waste cuttings management system, solids control system, sludge pit cleaning project. For more information, please feel free to contact with GN.

GN Solids America is GN branch located in Houston, USA. It is the first overseas office and warehouse of GN. Regularly, GN will ship from China factory to Houston warehouse for the supplement of GN products inventory there for better support to client from Americas. Now GN has stocked decanter centrifuge and shale shaker unit for sale, welcome contact with GN Houston warehouse for quote and other product information.

GN Solids America LLC
6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040, USA
+1 (713) 878-0880 / +1 (713) 320-3868 / +1 (713) 320-2103

Below information on GN stocked decanter centrifuge and shale shaker
Decanter Centrifuge
14 inch bowl diameter with operating speed max up to 3200RPM
Both fixed speed model and VFD model available
Motor and control panel explosion proof standard
One-point lifting pedestal
Application for barite recovery, solids control,dewatering system purpose etc.

Shale Shaker
4-panel screen with area 2.7 Square Meters
Strengthened shaker deck with fully heat treatment and strengthen beam
Embedded rubber sealing with better sealing performance and easy for replacement
SS material screen supporting frame for better anti-corrosion feature

GN also makes inventory for replacement shaker screens in Houston warehouse for client urgent request. Most of the shaker screens stocked are replacement pieces of the widely used brands currently. Welcome to GN Houston warehouse for a look to get more information.

In GN assembling workshop, the solids transfer vacuum pumps ordered by a UAE client are ready for shipment. 2 months ago, the client saw GN vacuum pump by chance when surfing the internet. To learn more on this equipment, the client contacted with GN, after few days’ communication with GN sales team, client had a well understanding on the function and features of GN vacuum pump, and placed the order. 
‘I think this kind of the pump is what I am looking for since long time before, hope it can give me a help in transferring the sludge’ client told to GN sales representative. The vacuum pump is a kind of pump fully air driven. The most valuable feature of this pump is transferring high solids content sludge coming from the oilfield drilling cuttings, waste solids discharges and remains flushing slurry in oil vessel.

In some oilfield, the mud recycling system will discharge drilling cuttings to a large sludge pit first, and then excavated out for further treatment. The operators on field can use vacuum pump to do this job as the pump can suck 50 meters away and send to more than 500 meters far away. It also allows the large size solids up to 75 mm get through the pump. In drilling waste cuttings management system, this vacuum pump can transfer the cuttings to cuttings dryer or drying shaker with high efficiency.

GN has 3 models of the vacuum pump with capacity of 40m3/h, 20m3/h and 10m3/h, the latter 2 models are mobile design and small footprint so that the operator can push it easily to somewhere on site with limited area. 
Please also click below link to watch the vacuum pump working video. Any request, please feel to contact with GN.

In the past CIPPE 2018 this March, GN solids control showed the 1 set skid mounted oil sludge treatment unit. This unit has all necessary functional device to recover oil from oily sludge; it can be used in small flow rate oil sludge treatment system or as a demo unit for user to verify if GN’s solution can solve the problem in disposing their oil sludge. Many visitors to GN booth showed their interest to try this unit. One of the visitors contacted with GN few days after the show and placed the order for this system.

This oil sludge treatment unit is consisting of premixing procedure, 2-phase separation procedure and 3-phase separation procedure. The main technologies used are flush washing for oil demulsification and separation for different phases like oil, water and solids. The purpose is to recover as much oil as possible and achieve as less waste discharge as possible.

Feedback from customer is saying that GN skid mounted oil sludge treatment provides an effective solution for them to treat the waste oil sludge in the pit on their rig site. They are considering starting up the further cooperation with GN by placing order on GN module type oil sludge treatment system with large treating capacity.

The premixing procedure applies premixing tank with thermal system as well as the chemical dosing system. Oil sludge need to be with certain liquidity for easy transportation and mixing with chemicals.
GN Mini Shale shaker GNZS752 and 9 inch decanter centrifuge GNLW224 are the main equipment used in 2-phase separation procedure, these are GN main product that have been approved with good performance and quality, 2-phase separation is to remove as much solids as possible from the demulsified oil sludge.

Pictures here show the oil, water and solids discharged from the 3-phase separation process. A disc centrifuge is used in this step to receive the liquid discharged from decanter centrifuge. By running at a high speed, the disc centrifuge can effectively recover the oil from the slurry.

GN is able to provide large size oil sludge treatment system with larger capacity to help client to recover oil and get much benefit. For more information, please no hesitate to contact with GN.

Next month, GN will attend the GPS (Global Petroleum Show) in Calgary, Canada. Welcome to GN booth to have a look at GN’s exhibits and learn more about GN Solids Control.

Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is North America’s Leading Exhibition & Conference for oil and gas professionals. During the exhibition, large amount of business is concluded and over 50,000 trade professionals attend GPS, while more than 100 industry leading experts share their knowledge and understanding across the event’s expansive line-up of strategic and technical conference sessions.

Please refer below information and look forward to seeing you there.
Show Time: June 12-14, 2018
Show Address: Stampede Park, Calgary, Canada
GN Booth: Hall ABC 1742b

GN will show below items at GPS
1. Replacement shaker screen – drilling fluids shaker screen is used on the shale shaker for remove the coarse solids from the used drilling fluids. It is a type wear parts needed to be changed with high frequency. GN is able to provide almost all the well-known brands replacement screen. In quality, GN’s composite frame screen is proved with same performance and working lift time as original ones. In price, GN’s modern facility and advanced fabrication machine greatly reduce the cost. Choosing GN would make the users enormously reduce their drilling cost.

2. Slurry Vacuum Pump – GN new developed slurry vacuum pump could be used in transferring sludge with high solids content and high gravity. Like the drilling waste cuttings need to be further treated by cuttings dryer. It is fully air operated suitable for hazardous area and no rotating part in storing cavity for easy maintenance. 
3. Centrifugal Pump – the centrifugal pump is widely used in drilling mud recycling system as feeding pump to de-sander and de-silter, and mixing pump for the mud mixing unit. All parts of GN’s centrifugal pump are interchangeable with famous brand pump. Welcome to contact with GN for more information of wear parts.

For any appointment, visitors could send emails to or Visitors can also contact with our branch GN Solids America in Houston for any request.