GN Solids Control manufactures all 4-stage solids control equipment for treating drilling mud. This includes vibrating screen or Shale Shakers, desander, Desilter and decanter centrifuge. And also GN manufactures the drilling waste management equipment such as vertical trim dryer, high G drying agitator and waste treatment centrifuge. The decanter centrifuge for drilling mud treatment includes high-gravity and low-gravity solids separation, dewatering and wastewater treatment.


Different Kinds of Drilling Mud:

WBM, known as water-based mud, is Most basic water-based mud systems start with water, then clays and other chemicals are incorporated into the water to create a homogeneous mixture that resembles something in between chocolate milk and malt.

OBM which is known as petroleum-based mud, petroleum-based mud is a mud where the base fluid is a petroleum product such as Diesel fuel.

SBM, which is known as synthetic base fluids, is a mud where the base fluid is a synthetic oil. SBM is popular for offshore platforms.

Sludge from different types of drilling:

  • Oil and gas drilling mud
  • CBM drilling mud
  • Horizontal directional drilling / trenchless drilling
  • Tunnel Drilling Machine (TBM) for drilling grout
  • Construction boring mud piles
  • Water well drilling mud
  • Mining industry, diamond core drilling mud
  • Geothermal well drilling mud.

GN Solids control demonstrates to its clients that it can integrate their teams to provide comprehensive solutions that benefit the client in its different variables such as recovery, optimization of resources, process efficiency. The drilling mud treatment plant is a turnkey system that has been successfully implemented in our clients with outstanding performances as expected by the operator.


    GN Solids Control is an active centrifuge manufacturer and engineering company that specializes in liquid-solid centrifuge separation technology, solids dewatering, barite recovery, and the Diamond and Core Drilling Industry. GN Solids Control utilizes specific system design and technology for a full selection of drilling industrial applications that require liquid-solid centrifuge separation technology.


    The client from Bolivia has a big expectation about to receive the 14 inches  decanter centrifuge unit, GN Solids Control decanter centrifuges has delivered a  complete set for solids control including screw pump for their Oil and Gas operations. GN Solids control have the capability to develop more solids control equipment like shale shakers, shaker screens, mud cleaners, conveying equipment, and more.

      • Duplex stainless steel SS2205 for screw conveyor material and rotating bowl are used to manufacturing, and shaft for big and small end cap. Duplex stainless steel is stronger and more resistant to abrasion and corrosion. This manufacturing process also avoid intergranular corrosion and incomplete release of stress
      • Screw blades are manufactured as a whole piece with CNC forming lathe, leading to high accuracy of the blades and higher solids discharge efficiency
      • GN can customize screw with changing pitch for high transfer efficiency and dryer solids
      • Optimized cone and pitch with BD plate to separate dewatering section and settling section, with deeper pond depth, longer dewatering section, dryer solids and clearer water. This also increase throughput speed.
      • BD plate also helps solids discharge
      • Less energy consumption is achieved with bigger pond depth, making decanter centrifuge use less energy. This also reduces turbidity flow of liquid to make separated water clearer, less wear on end blades which makes screw last longer
      • Dual cone angle is available for specific high solid concentration materials. The rotating bowl have two cone angles, which reduced discharge resistance and increase treatment capability while maintaining clarify of water and dryness of solids
      • Discharge ports are specially made tungsten carbide with excellent anti-abrasion capability and less fragility
      • Easy opening mechanism is used so that one man can open the collection box cover for easy access of equipment
      • Hydraulic removing mechanism is built into main shaft, which reduced pulling force by 90% when removing main bearings, this helps to ensure the safety of the bearing and high precision parts
      • All the rotating parts are made with high accuracy CNC machine. After that 3 step dynamic balancing is done. One is the balancing of rotating assembly at 1800RPM, balancing at real high speed and the balancing of whole machine to ensure stable operation of the decanter centrifuge at high speed

GN Solids America LLC specializes in drilling mud solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment and a complete mud recycling system.GN Solids America LLC is a GN Solids Control USA Branch company.GN Solids Control established in 2007 deals with a total of 73 different countries.

GN Solids Control” is a global famous Solids Control Brand. GN Solids America LLC is the first USA based solids control company from China.GN Solids America maintains a 30,000 SF warehouse in Houston Texas. GN Solids America stock lots of solids control equipment and shaker screen. With Houston Branch established in 2013. This location has a GN sales team and warehouse service can provide to our customers at North/South American ” High Quality” “Fast Delivery” “Competitive Price”. GN America is also the marketing and distribution center for Latin America Market. The Houston location makes it easier for South America customers to order GN drilling solids control equipment.

GN Solids America Advantages:

The first USA based Solids Control Company from China

First API certified solids control equipment manufacturer in China

GN Products have been exported to over 60 countries and regions

GN All Facilities’ total area are over 65,000㎡ (70,0000SF) with a location close to Beijing.

GN owns a specialized facility for making shaker screens in the Asian largest wire mesh center city.

GN Owns over 10 patents for solids control and drilling waste management equipment.

GN management system for production complies with the HSE system ISO 14001 and ISO 28001 to ensure a safe product.

GN can provide OEM service with customized designs to protect customer brands.

GN Solids America Main Products Application

  • OIL & GAS Drilling—-Mud Solids Control & Waste Management
  • HDD & CBM Drilling —-Mud Recycling System
  • Mining & Industrial—-Slurry Separation Plant

As the market leader in the application of separation and solids control technologies, GN Solids Control has been keeping releasing edge-cutting solutions to the market. In 2019 it releases its high performance de-watering system for water slurry treatment.

This system consists of mature equipment and advanced control policy & algorithm, which are the foundation for the following features:

  1. Maximum dryness achievable in the industry
  • By using mature and field proved equipment such as high-G shale shakers and high performance decanter centrifuges. GN is one of the few manufacturers which carries full series of decanter centrifuges from 9” to 30” bowl diameters;
  • GN has advanced test lab to perform complex analysis of the object to be separate from water and derive the best concentration and dosing for the maximized dryness of soil separated;
  1. Maximized efficiency of dewatering process
  • By benefiting from lab analysis, GN is capable of configuring the work load of each and every equipment in the system so as to achieve maximized dryness while keeping equipment to work at its maximum efficiency;
  1. Maximized automation process to reduce operation cost by:

GN Solids Control plans very carefully of system flow to reduce operation cost of the owner

  • Minimize man-hour needed by taking all the aspect of operation into consideration to make human interference as less as possible
  • Minimized electrical power used by idling all the electrical equipment not in use to save electrical power
  • Customized dosing amount with the work load of decanter centrifuge
  • Higher sales price for dryer soils and clearer water
  1. Maximize safety measures
  2. Maximized service life
  3. Local support team
  • Have local support team available to respond to the request of clients
  • Access remotely of the system (with owner’s permission) to diagnose and trouble shot issues at minimized time span;

GN Solids Control is your reliable and accountable turn-key solution provided illustrated by the successful money making and society benefiting projects in the US and Canada.

GN Shale Shaker

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GN got several Shale Shaker orders to Indonesia Customer. Shale Shaker is knowing as the first stage and a very important machine on the rig for removing large drilled solids from the drilling fluid. Those solids removed by the shale shaker are discharged out of the discharge port into a separate holding tank where they await further treatment or disposal. GN Shale Shaker used top brand company motor so as exploration proof control panel components. Also, cover the overload and short circuit protection. GN Shale Shaker not only added a cover rubber on the spring to reduce the noise but also make the angle adjustable method easy and less human labor cost. In addition, GN Shale shaker comes with a very informative user manual, it will help with the new operator understand the process quicker. There are 7 types of GN shale shaker. One (GNZS752) with 2 screen Panels. Two (GNZS703F-SDZF, GNZS703F-SHBF) with 3 screen panels. One (GNZS594F-SHBF) with 4 screen panels. One (GNZS706F-SHBF) 6 screen panels double desk shaker. Two (GNZS594F-SGZF and GNZS703F-SGZF) with High G force can be up to 8G of force move solids fast across GN API shaker screen. GN Shaker screen panels are tested with API RP 13C(I-SO13501).

GN Shale Shaker sold worldwide such as the USA, Russian, United Arab Emirates, Africa, Indian, middle east. etc. Benefit gets GN Shale Shakers are 1. global customer service support 2. replacement screens are good quality with affordable price 3. Built tough with strong durable materials usage longer lifetime 4. Great for North and South America customer, GN Solids America LLC Shale Shaker has storage inventory in Houston Texas. This will help to reduce the shipping lead time and customer and get the GN Shale shaker faster.