TRENCHLESS ASIA 2018 is the 10th event in this series and for the second time will be held in Kuala Lumpur. It is held every 2 years, and GN has attended it last time in 2016.

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of mud recycling equipment and mud system used in trenchless drilling project. 
This year GN booth number is 26, welcome to GN’s booth to have to talk with GN’s team on more information about GN. Mr. George and Ms. Renee will be your contact at the show.

For the trenchless industry, GN has developed standard compact mud system with functions of mud recycling, mud storage and mud mixing. Per customers rig capacity, GN is able to provide mud system with different flow rate. For the primary mud recycling equipment like shale shaker mud cleaner and even decanter centrifuge, GN has different models for customer’s option.

GN’s self-contained mud system is including all stages of solids control equipment and mud tanks for customer’s high configuration requirement. For cost saving consideration, GN also has economic models to satisfy the customer. The compact de-sanding unit could be also used in piping and micro tunneling project.

This year, GN will show the new developed mobile vacuum slurry pump at TRENCHLESS AISA 2018. The pump could be widely used for high solid content and high gravity sludge transferring. It is an ideal solution for delivering the drilling cuttings discharged from the mud recycling system to the treating plant. 
GN is looking forward to seeing you there at the show.

GN solids control is getting more and more business from the environment protection industry other than drilling industry. The continuously improving makes GN’s products could be used in other projects out of drilling mud recycling and waste cuttings management. That is the reason GN will show at the IE expo China 2018 in Shanghai.
This show is for environmental protection, and GN will have a booth and display the self-manufactured equipment there. Please write down below information and come to GN’s booth to learn more on GN Solids Control.

Show Date: 3rd – 5th May
Show Location: Shanghai New International Expo Cernter
GN Booth: W2 566

The Equipment GN will display at the show are decanter centrifuge and sludge vacuum pump.

GN’s 2-phase decanter centrifuge is a kind of equipment used to separate the fine solid particles from liquid to clean the liquid. Before, GN’s decanter centrifuge is applied for removing the drilling cuttings from drilling fluids, thus to make the drilling fluids reusable. Due to same working principle, the decanter centrifuge is able to be used in waste water treatment project to separate the coarse solids in the waste water at early stage of the waste water treatment system. Sometimes, the flocculation agent would be added into the waste water to gather the ultrafine solids, and then feed to the decanter centrifuge for separation.

GN’s vacuum pump is used to a fully air operated pump that can transfer high solid content and high gravity sludge. In environmental protection, the pump can be used to transfer the sludge in waste pit to the treatment plant. It has high efficiency for suck from 50 meters far away and discharge to 500 to 1000 meters. The vacuum pump can even suck the sludge with solids content up to 80 percent or full dry material like sand, soil.

GN is looking forward to seeing you at the show.

In the past CIPPE show last week in Beijing, GN’s vacuum pump was awarded favorable comments by visitors coming to GN booth. Many visitors were amazed to the function of this pump; some contractors even told they finally find an ideal transferring solution. The vacuum pump is also named solids transfer pump that is a type pump operated by connecting the air supplying to suck and discharge high solids content material alternately.
The vacuum pump could be widely in tough environment for most of the liquid, wet sludge and even dry solids transferring. Below link would guide to the working video of this vacuum pump, please click for reference.

Main Application of Vacuum Pump
Waste drilling cutting transferring is one of main application of the vacuum pump. The drilling cutting discharged from primary shale shaker, cyclone unit and decanter centrifuge is with high solids content, which makes the cuttings difficult to be transferred to the cuttings dryer unit for further treatment. The vacuum pump can transfer the material with solids content larger than 80 percent. The high transferring efficiency prevents to collect the waste cutting firstly into a mud pit, which make the closed loop mud system a reality.
The oily sludge coming from refinery waste, crude oil tank bottom residual and barge vessel cleaning is still with large quantity oil remaining in it. To recover the oil in the sludge, firstly the operators need to transfer the sludge to the oil slurry treatment system. Air operation can firstly produce vacuum inside the pump to suck the sludge from 50 meters out there and the discharge under positive pressure to far away 500-1000 meters.
Besides, the vacuum pump can also be used in waste pit cleaning, frac tank and animal waste transferring. It is worthy to mention that the pump is fully air operation for hazardous area application. Due to none any rotating parts inside the cavity, the wearing is less for long working time.

GN’s mobile vacuum pump is installed on a wheel skid that makes the unit could be moved easily onsite. The handle is foldable for moving and operation convenience. GN has models with capacity of 10 cubic meters per hour and 20 cubic meters is on the wheel skid, the operation is automatically. For larger capacity, customer could choose the model of 40 cubic meters per hour for both automatically and manually operation available. GN got over ten orders on this type vacuum pump at the CIPPE show.

Yesterday, the CIPPE 2018 exhibition closed successfully. GN attracted lots of visitors coming to GN booth to learn GN’s new releases. Being a manufacturer with lasting creation capacity, GN solids control has been bring new products to the show for many years. Every year, the new products take new business for GN, which is the critical factor of GN’s continuously improvement.

This year, GN showed the new developed compact skid mounted oily sludge treatment system at the show. This skid system actually is a compact three phase separation system for oil, water and solids. The processing procedure of the system includes premixing, 2-phase separation and 3-phase separation.

In premixing procedure, the oily sludge coming from the sludge pit is poured into the premixing tank. At the same time, the chemical of demulsification is added into the tank. The chemical dosing system is also one of GN main products that mainly used in dewatering system. Electrical heating line that equipped on the tank can heat the tank up to 70 to 80 Degree Celsius for better demulsification performance.

In 2-phase separation procedure, there are 2 main equipment, shale shaker and decanter centrifuge. The sludge in premixing tank would be transferred by a pipeline pump to a shaker unit for coarse solids separation. And then the liquid with fine solids will be pumped to the decantercentrifuge for fine solids separation. Large content of fine solids can be removed in this process, the liquid mixture is consisting of water, oil and little amount of solids will be collected in a buffering tank waiting for final 3-phase separation.

A disc centrifuge is the key equipment in 3-phase separation procedure. In this procedure, the oil remaining in the slurry would be recovered. This economic benefit of this system is to recover as much oil as possible in the sludge, for final discharged environment friendly liquid and solids, further treatment would be needed. And this system is pilot unit to prove the oily sludge can be treated via this technology, once the testing result was satisfying, GN is able to provide the system with larger capacity.

This time, GN also issued the vacuum pump that is an ideal machine for transferring high solids content and high gravity sludge. Full air operation makes this unit could be safely applied in hazardous area.

Other solids control equipment like high G force drying shaker, big bowl centrifuge, centrifugal pump, and replacement shaker screens are also shown at GN’s booth. Any question or request, please don’t hesitate to contact with GN.

Decanter centrifuge is one of GN’s main products that widely used in all kinds of drilling mud recycling and waste management. This week, GN just finished the fabrication of the variable speed decanter centrifuge ordered by an India drilling contractor.
Almost all the drilling contractors request the equipment used on oilfield to be explosion proof certified for safety consideration. To meet the customers’ requirement on explosion proof standard, GN is now able to provide equipment with motors and control panel certified by China national explosion proof CNEX, IEC Ex and ATEX.

The ordered decanter centrifuge is GN’s model GNLW363C-VFD. The bowl diameter is 14 inch (360mm), bowl length and diameter ratio is around 3, which explains the model of the centrifuge. GN’s 14 inch decanter centrifuge can be used for various purposes due to the VFD design. The typical working speed of this model is 3200RPM, at this speed, the fine solids with size down to 2-5 microns could be separated out without adding additional chemicals. By reducing the speed to around 2000RPM, this unit can be used for barite recovery in solids control system.
The bowl material of this unit is duplex stainless steel 2304 which is much better than SS316L. The centrifugal casting technic makes the bow material has a better distribution feature for better balance.

This unit is equipped with temperature sensor at both bearing seats to inspect the temperature of the bearing. And a vibration sensor is installedon the base for abnormal vibration. All the sensors are used to collect information of centrifuge running and send signal to the VFD control panel. By uploading program into the VFD panel, the panel could monitor the centrifuge and trip off the unit for protection.

The VFD control panel matched to the centrifuge has 3 VFDs for main and back motors of the centrifuge and the feeding pump. Operators could set the running parameters on the HMI screen to adjusting the centrifuge running condition. GN’s VFD panel is positive pressurized explosion proof method, together with the air conditioner, the VFD panel could be used in hazardous are with very high ambient temperature.
Both the decanter centrifuge and control panel are made by GN self. For more information on GN’s decanter centrifuge and other mud recycling equipment, please feel free to contact with GN.