GN Soilds Control is a well-known manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment in China. As the country’s requirements for clean production of oil fields become more stringent, especially the solid waste treatment of oily sludge is top-ranked by major oil refining and environmental protection enterprises. In the event of major events, many customers in the petroleum industry have gradually paid attention to the treatment of oily sludge. Therefore, based on years of experience in solid-liquid separation, GN Soilds Control has introduced integrated oily sludge treatment based on market demand. System and equipment, and widely used in domestic and foreign markets.   The oily sludge treatment equipment sent to Uganda site has fully met the customer’s requirements for oily sludge treatment after two months of commissioning and repeated experiments. The processing results far exceeded the customer’s expectations and obtained The customer is highly praised.

At present, for the treatment of oily sludge, GN Soilds Control adopts the screening of coarse particles in the early stage, which separates the large solid phase particles in the material, and then reduces the oil content of the solid phase by multiple heat washing processes. Fine separation by high-speed decanter centrifuge reduces the oil content in the solid phase to less than 3%, meeting customer’s requirements for processing results, and meeting customer expectations of 10 cubic meters per hour. The integrated oil-containing sludge treatment device has the advantages of low operating cost, simple operation and low maintenance cost, and is the best solution for the treatment of oily sludge.

The first stage separation of the system is a two-layer mud vibrating screen. When the mud enters the lower layer of the screen, large solids will be separated from the mud. Fine solids and mud will fall into the tank, and the mud will pass through the centrifuge. The pump draws in two hydrocyclones that work like a sand remover to separate the solids size to 40 microns. The solids separated by the hydrocyclone will fall onto the upper deck of the shale shaker and the solids will be further dried for disposal. The clean mud separated by the hydrocyclone will fly back to the tank and be pumped back to the wellbore for reuse and recycling. The basic configuration of the mud recovery system is a two-layer mud shaker, two hydrocyclones for sand removal, a centrifugal pump, a mud tank and some other components.

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GN Soilds Control’s Houston warehouse inventory on solid-controlled centrifuge and drilling fluid vibrating screen promotion, GN Soilds Control solid control is used to return the majority of customers, after continuous and a large number of on-site user visits, GN Soilds Control through the user’s use of equipment, construction process and management, Including the entire market demand for services and accessories, we are now offering special sales to our US branch cash centrifuges and drilling fluid shakers to return to our customers.

The centrifuges produced by GN Soilds Control can also produce a variety of models according to the customer’s requirements for on-site processing. The centrifuges produced by GN Soilds Control are mainly used to recover barite, separate fine solids, and reduce the solid content of materials. Effectively control the density and viscosity of the on-site drilling fluid to ensure the performance of the customer’s drilling fluid. The straight section and the cone section of the centrifuge drum produced by GN Soilds Control are made of 2304 bidirectional stainless steel material, which is made by centrifugal casting. The rest of the drum assembly is made of SS304 stainless steel material. The centrifuge screw feeder is protected by wear-resistant alloy sheet. Repair and replacement. Centrifugal bearings use imported SKF bearings to improve equipment stability and bearing life.

The drilling fluid vibrating screen produced by GN Soilds Control solid control can produce various types of vibrating screen double or triple vibrating screen according to the requirements of the customer on-site processing volume, in order to meet the requirements of customers, the drilling fluid vibration produced by GN Soilds Control The screen has an efficient separation capability at the site and is capable of recovering useful drilling fluids. The bottom frame of the drilling fluid vibrating screen produced by GN Soilds Control solid control adopts stainless steel screen box, which can be adjusted by mechanical synchronous screen box when used by customers. It can meet the non-stop operation. The drilling fluid vibrating screen is installed by wedge type screen, which improves the effective Increase the speed of screen replacement. Make customers convenient and efficient in use. The drilling fluid vibrating screen screen seal GN Soilds Control applied for its own technical patent. The use of the site can prevent the penetration of fine-grained solids, greatly reducing the maintenance cost and protecting the screen box.

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GN Solids Control sludge vacuum pump set is used for long-distance transportation of large-scale engineering mud. Recently, GN Solids Control’s sludge vacuum pump orders have been continuously, and our customers have highly recognized and evaluated on-site use. Through the unanimous feedback from many customers, customers have been polluted by GN Solids Control Company. The mud vacuum pump equipment is more favored. It is believed that the quality and application performance of the sludge vacuum pump equipment manufactured by GN Solids Control Company has an absolute advantage in the domestic market. For such a result, GN Solids Control Company is very pleased, and the customer’s approval also promotes the company’s products. R&D and innovation are more determined to go on.

During the conversation between the GN Solids Control sludge vacuum pumping group and the customer, the customer gave a high evaluation of GN Solids Control’s product quality, and was very satisfied during the use period, which brought him the most real economic value. The sludge vacuum pump produced by GN Solids Control Company After the unique structural design of the technical research and development personnel of GN Solids Control Company, it can work in the most difficult environment. The sludge vacuum pump has low maintenance rate on site, and can transport more than 80% of solid phase and high specific gravity materials at high speed. On-site sludge vacuum pump can generate up to 25 inches of HG vacuum to pump material under the high efficiency of high efficiency venturi device. The sludge vacuum pump has almost no wear parts. The pump body is compact and suitable for the transportation of high-density materials on site. The sludge vacuum pump produced by GN Solids Control Company is often used for the transportation of drilling cuttings and the transportation of oily sludge. The sludge vacuum pump products produced by GN Solids Control Company are widely used. The sludge vacuum pump is widely used in the offshore platform waste mud, the drill cuttings, the drill cuttings, the bottom of the mud tank, the bilge cleaning of the transport ship, sand, fine sand. , and fracturing sand and other fields.

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GN new completed oil sludge treatment system will be preceded for water test soon. Now the complete system is ready and staying is GN assembly workshop. GN oil sludge treatment system can be used in recovering the oil from various kinds of waste oil sludge coming from oil base drilling cutting, oil storage tank remaining sludge, refinery waste etc.

The ordered oil sludge treatment system is GN 2 cubic meters per hour model. Client is going to use this system as a demo to verify it is workable in recovering the oil from oil sludge. Actually, the excellent performance of GN oil sludge treatment system has been proved onsite. In this system, client plan to bring their SMO (shear, mixing and oxidation) unit to connect with GN oil sludge system for better demulsification performance.

GN Oil Sludge Treatment System is consisting of below modules.
1. Premixing Tank Module – the oil sludge is firstly transferred to the premixing tank by the vacuum pump. Here in the tank, water and chemicals will be added into the tank, with heating line around the tank, the sludge will be washed, much flowable.

2. Classify System – the washed sludge will then be pumped into a V-shape bottom tank for solids sedimentation and liquid classification. The top layer oil will be flow into 3-phase disc centrifuge for water, oil and solids separation. And bottom solids will be mixed; here the chemicals can also be added.

3. Solids Control module – in GN oil sludge treatment system, the solids control module is consisting of coarse shale shaker and decanter centrifuge to remove as much as possible solids from the sludge. To get as less as possible oil content on solids, the solids discharged from the decanter centrifuge can be washed again and then treated by the second unit decanter centrifuge. Liquid discharged from decanter will pumped to the second unit disc centrifuge for water and oil separation.

4. For back up, GN made the 3-phase separation skid module with inclined plate clarifier and oil water separator. To maximally reduce the oil content in water, GN made the micro bubble oil water separator in the system to make the water as clean as possible.

GN has another oil sludge treatment system with capacity of 15 cubic meters per hours is almost done, now is the final assembly procedure. For more information on GN oil sludge treatment system, please feel free to contact us.

TEFTEC is one of the largest annual water quality technical conference and exhibition, providing the extensive educational opportunities and unparalleled access to the field’s most cutting-edge technologies and services. GN Solids Control has shown at this exhibition last year, this year, GN comes again.

Please keep below information in mind to find GN at the exhibition easily
Exhibition Time: October 1-3, 2018
Core Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm daily
Exhibition Location: New Orleans Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana USA
GN Booth: Hall I1, 7920

Welcome to GN booth to have a look at GN products, below what GN will show at the exhibition.
1. Waste water decanter centrifuge – with many years development, GN decanter centrifuge is widely used in waste water treatment and some other industries. GN waste water decanter centrifuge is specially designed for waste water clarification and waste slurry dewatering. GN centrifuge sizing from 9 inch mini model to 30 inch big bowl.

2. Vacuum slurry pump – GN vacuum pump is used for high solids content slurry transferring. This pump can be used in waste cutting transferring, dredging slurry transferring and even dry solid.
3. Centrifugal Pump – GN centrifugal pump is made of wear-resistance iron. It is widely used in drilling site for mud transferring, water transferring. All the wear parts of GN centrifugal pump are interchangeable with world famous brand.
4. Shaker Screen – composite frame screen with longer lifetime and convenient for store without rust risk.

GN is looking forward to seeing you at the WEFTEC 2018. Fur USA local support, welcome visit our office GN Solids America in Houston, TX.