Next month, GN will attend the GPS (Global Petroleum Show) in Calgary, Canada. Welcome to GN booth to have a look at GN’s exhibits and learn more about GN Solids Control.

Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is North America’s Leading Exhibition & Conference for oil and gas professionals. During the exhibition, large amount of business is concluded and over 50,000 trade professionals attend GPS, while more than 100 industry leading experts share their knowledge and understanding across the event’s expansive line-up of strategic and technical conference sessions.

Please refer below information and look forward to seeing you there.
Show Time: June 12-14, 2018
Show Address: Stampede Park, Calgary, Canada
GN Booth: Hall ABC 1742b

GN will show below items at GPS
1. Replacement shaker screen – drilling fluids shaker screen is used on the shale shaker for remove the coarse solids from the used drilling fluids. It is a type wear parts needed to be changed with high frequency. GN is able to provide almost all the well-known brands replacement screen. In quality, GN’s composite frame screen is proved with same performance and working lift time as original ones. In price, GN’s modern facility and advanced fabrication machine greatly reduce the cost. Choosing GN would make the users enormously reduce their drilling cost.

2. Slurry Vacuum Pump – GN new developed slurry vacuum pump could be used in transferring sludge with high solids content and high gravity. Like the drilling waste cuttings need to be further treated by cuttings dryer. It is fully air operated suitable for hazardous area and no rotating part in storing cavity for easy maintenance. 
3. Centrifugal Pump – the centrifugal pump is widely used in drilling mud recycling system as feeding pump to de-sander and de-silter, and mixing pump for the mud mixing unit. All parts of GN’s centrifugal pump are interchangeable with famous brand pump. Welcome to contact with GN for more information of wear parts.

For any appointment, visitors could send emails to or Visitors can also contact with our branch GN Solids America in Houston for any request.

Now GN team is attending the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) in Houston, TX. This year GN got 2 booths there, one is located in the Center Hall with number 1369, and the other one is numbered 8000 in Arena Hall. Welcome to GN booth to learn more about GN Solids Control and have a look at GN’s new releases. GN has banner advertisement at one entrance of Arena pavilion displaying easy reach to GN booth.

1. GN Vacuum Sludge Pump
Vacuum pumpis one of the new releases GN brought to the show. This pump is an ideal solution for transferring the high solids content and high gravity sludge. It is this function make this type pump always been used in transferring the waste cuttings discharged out of the primary shale shaker to the waste cuttings management equipment for further treatment. The oil tank flushing sludge at the bottom of tank is always difficult to tank out, by using this vacuum pump, this job would become much easier.

2. GN Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal pump is a type pump used widely in solids control system as the feeding pump to cyclone unit and mixing pump for drilling fluids. GN centrifugal pump is adopting wear-resisting material to make the pump shell and impeller to ensure the long working life and less maintenance for operators cost saving and longtime continuously working. To increase the availability of the pump, GN made the wear parts interchangeable with famous brand pump.

ecanter centrifuge and shale shaker are GN main products. For many years, per customers’ site feedback, GN is keeping improving the technology to enhance the operability of the equipment onsite. Like the ratchet for assisting the replacement of shaker screen and tightening technic on the centrifuge bowl to prevent the vibrating during transportation.

GN is open to accept suggestions and new ideas to improve on both the company management and product quality. Welcome to GN booth and have a talk with GN team. 
For any interest or inquiry to GN products and need to have a deep talk, welcome to GN office in Houston, there more stocked equipment and shaker screen are available.

GN Local support in Houston:
GN Solids America LLC
6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040
Tel: 713-878-0880

GN Solids Control will complete the manufacture of 3 sets 600 GPM mud recycling system for an asian trenchless drilling company. The drilling company already own 3 mud recycling system with GN Solids Control brand. And they are happy with the performance and after sales support. This is the main reason why the drilling contractor repeat the order for another 3 mud recycling system from GN Solids Control.

2018.04.24 600GPM Mud System for trenchless


The trenchless drilling mud recycling system include following equipment:

  1. Shale Shakers for primary solids control
  2. Desilter with underflow shale shaker for second phase solids separation.
  3. 40 FT size mud recycling tanks.
  4. Mud Mixing Hopper
  5. Centrifugal pumps for feeding desilter and mixing hopper.

The advantage of GN Trenchless Drilling Mud System:

  1. Robust design shale shaker with High G force for higher capacity and better separation.
  2. Composite frame shale shaker screen for bigger non-blanked area and longer screen life.
  3. Polyurethane type hydro cyclone cones with abrasion resistant for longer operation life.
  4. Mechanical seal centrifugal pump with spare parts interchangeable with industry popular pumps.
  5. Self-contained mud system for mud recycling and mud mixing and supercharge pump to feed the drilling mud pump.
  6. Slope design mud tank for easy mud tank cleaning work.
  7. Walkways are foldable for fast rig down and rig up.
  8. IP65 protection degree Aluminium alloy electrical control panel with famous brand electrical components.

2018.04.24 600GPM HDD Mud System

As an international well-known brand for solids control, GN Solids Control equipment are widely used in oil gas drilling, trenchless drilling industry. Our products has been supplied to over 70 countries. We know the local regulations for the equipment safety and electrical design. We also Know the clients not only need reliable high quality equipment but also fast and good support after sales. We will provide our engineer to clients site for commissioning and training if required by clients.

The drilling waste cuttings treatment equipment is the key equipment in the closed loop mud recycling system. By applying the cuttings treatment equipment, more drilling fluids would be recovered to save the drilling cost on water or base oil consumption; and less drilling waste would be discharged for environment protection. 
This week, GN finished the fabrication of a batch decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryers that would be shipped to Africa client who has ordered many unit centrifuges and cutting dryers from GN. During many years developing, GN’s equipment is well approved and accepted by more and more international high-end users.

In this order, all the decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers are mounted on the telescopic skid, which will enable the going up and down of the equipment position per working conditions on site. With a high position, the treated cuttings and effluence liquid will be discharged out and flow to storage container easily. 
The performance of GN’s vertical cuttings dryer has been approved that the OOC of the discharged solids will be less than 5%. The screen inside the dryer unit has excellent features for blocking the solids cutting particles and releasing the liquid. It will bring high separation efficiency for cuttings and the OBM. The cuttings dryer unit is used to treat the cuttings discharged from the primary solids control equipment, all the cuttings would be collected and transferred to cuttings dryer. Currently, GN has developed an ideal vacuum pump that can transfer the sludge with solid content up to 80%. The pump is just the right device to transfer the drilling cuttings.

In the technical diagram, decanter centrifuge in located after the cuttings dryer unit to polish the liquid discharged from the dryer. The fine solids in the drilling fluids would be removed out by the decanter centrifuge, thus more drilling fluids would be recovered for reusing. GN has upgraded the centrifuge bowl material to SS2304 for batter material distribution and dynamic balance. The ordered centrifuges include both fixed speed model and VFD model for client’s different purpose.
The VFD control panel is equipped with AC device for high ambient temperature application. This ensures the continuously running without shut off caused by electric components temperature rising. 
GN nowadays is able to provide the complete solution on waste cuttings treatment. If any request, please no hesitate to contact with GN.

TRENCHLESS ASIA 2018 is the 10th event in this series and for the second time will be held in Kuala Lumpur. It is held every 2 years, and GN has attended it last time in 2016.

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of mud recycling equipment and mud system used in trenchless drilling project. 
This year GN booth number is 26, welcome to GN’s booth to have to talk with GN’s team on more information about GN. Mr. George and Ms. Renee will be your contact at the show.

For the trenchless industry, GN has developed standard compact mud system with functions of mud recycling, mud storage and mud mixing. Per customers rig capacity, GN is able to provide mud system with different flow rate. For the primary mud recycling equipment like shale shaker mud cleaner and even decanter centrifuge, GN has different models for customer’s option.

GN’s self-contained mud system is including all stages of solids control equipment and mud tanks for customer’s high configuration requirement. For cost saving consideration, GN also has economic models to satisfy the customer. The compact de-sanding unit could be also used in piping and micro tunneling project.

This year, GN will show the new developed mobile vacuum slurry pump at TRENCHLESS AISA 2018. The pump could be widely used for high solid content and high gravity sludge transferring. It is an ideal solution for delivering the drilling cuttings discharged from the mud recycling system to the treating plant. 
GN is looking forward to seeing you there at the show.