GN engineer came back from customer’s site in Singapore and shared the photos showing GN’s dewatering centrifuge system was running there since the beginning of this year. Client is satisfied with the performance of the system.

GN’s dewatering centrifuge system can be used in separating the ultra-fine solids from drilling mud, waste water and so on. In tunneling project, the dewatering unit is used to remove the large content solids from drilling mud to make the water recyclable as always most of the tunneling site in city has limited area to put the waste mud collection container. A high efficiency dewatering system can greatly save the cost on water consumption and increase the boring speed.

GN’s dewatering centrifuge system is mainly consisting of the decanter centrifuge and chemical flocculation unit. To consider the operation safety and comfort, GN designed to put the decanter centrifuge and the flocculation system inside the container. The centrifuge is inside the upper container. The used mud will be transferred to it via a screw pump. In the meanwhile, the flocculation slurry will be added to the centrifuge as well. The fine solid particles in the mud will be gathered and removed. Clean water will be discharged out and flow into by gravity storage container waiting for reuse. The flocculation system installed in the downstairs container has automatic chemical mixing function which is convenient for operators on site.

Before feeding the mud into the centrifuge, normally a de-sanding unit will be needed to remove the coarse solids in the mud to protect the decanter centrifuge unit. This dewatering system running in Singapore has automatic lubrication function on the centrifuge unit which will protect the bearing of the centrifuge for longtime working and less shut down for maintenance. The screw conveyor installed in the container has slid runner. Thus the conveyor can slid out of the container for discharging the sludge and slid back into the container for transportation convenience.

More information on the dewatering centrifuge system, feel free to contact with GN.

Yesterday GN shipped out some equipment for the order from Russia. All the equipment in this order are GN standard model and well accepted by clients’ operators. The order includes containerized drilling cuttings treatment system and other solids control equipment.

Cuttings treatment system is one of GN’s main systems used to treat the waste drilling cuttings discharged from primary solids control equipment. Cuttings dryer is the main equipment in the system. In GN’s design, the dryer unit is installed inside one container with feeding pump and screw conveyor for collecting the dried cuttings discharged from the dryer.

Effluence separated out of the cutting dryer will flow into the collecting tank that also installed inside the container. A mud agitator is installed on the tank for mixing the fluids to prevent the solids settlement. The container is also equipped with washing platform with clean water pipeline for operators’ convenience.

Decanter centrifuge unit would be connected with the cuttings treatment system via the hose system. The liquid in the collecting tank would be pumped to the decanter centrifuge for polishing, so that the drilling fluids could be recovered and reused. GNLW363CG could run at 3200RPM or variable speed for various applications. The 3200rpm unit is widely used for ultra fine solids separation. It is also used in dewatering unit system.

The client also ordered some shale shaker from GN. The model GNZS594E the first stage solids control equipment to remove the coarse drilling cuttings. The waste cuttings is discharged from the shale shaker, and then transferred to cuttings dryer for further treatment. GNZS594 shale shaker has 4 panels screen dimension 585x1165mm, vibration G force adjustable up to 7.5. By changing to 1.94kw vibrator, this model shale shaker could be used as high G force drying shaker for waste cutting management.
For more information, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.

OTC is the largest event in the world for the oil and gas industry. Every year, GN will attend the show and bring new products there. Likewise, GN team will be there again this May.

By the way, before the OTC, GN will take part the CIPPE 2018 first in Beijing from 27th to 29th March, 2018. For anybody who is not able to be Beijing can meet with GN at Houston.

Same as last year, GN will have 2 booths this year; please write down below information that will help you to GN’s booth.

Show Time & Location: 30 April – 3 May, 2018. NRG Park, Houston, Texas, USA
Booth No. 1: NRG Center 1369-1 (GN China)
Booth No. 2: NRG Arena 8000 (GN America)

For appointment with GN, please send email to or
GN’s office and warehouse in Houston can give a better support, for more information, please refer

GN Booth at OTC 2017

What GN will display at the show

1. Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363C – the best seller in GN’s production line. When design this model, GN choose to use the duplex stainless steel 2304 as the bowl material and centrifugal casting technology to make the bowl have a better dynamic balance. This 14 inch model is typically been used in solids control system, waste management system and dewatering system.
2. Shale Shaker GNZS594F – GN 4-panel-screen shale shaker is a widely accepted model with large screen and adjustable high G force. Patented sealing technology gives this model a better performance in preventing drilling fluids leak, which ensure the drying performance. Base on the shale shaker, the relative products mud cleaner and shaker screens will also be shown there. 
3. Sludge Pump GNSP-20A- this is a fully air driven pump that can be used in transferring high solids content and high gravity sludge. This pump is a safe pump that can be used in hazardous area. Without moving parts in the vacuum bag, the maintenance of the pump is also very convenient. GN will also show the widely used centrifugal pump at the show.

GN Shaker and Decanter Centrifuge Shown at OTC 2017

GN is looking forward to meet with all visitors at the OTC 2018.

Last week, GN sent one set 400 BBL capacity mud tank system for an Australia client. GN’s rich experience in manufacturing as per Australia standards, like welding, cable colors and so on, ensures this order. Client also approved and accepted when visited GN on inspection before delivery.

This 400 BBL mud system is for a small rig. Client was worrying about the height of the mud tank will be higher than the drilling mud return pipe of the rig. Actually, GN’s design team has lot of experience in design the mud system, this problem will be considered as one the key factors when make the design. After confirming the height, the proposal provided by GN has a full consideration on let the used drilling mud flow to the tank and ever get into the shale shaker unit easily.

This 400 BBL mud tank system is consisting of 3 parts. Mud recycling tank, mud storage tank and a separate mud mixing unit skid. In consideration of the sufficient tank net volume and height limitation, GN designed the tank with large width which can only be shipped by bulk ship. A separatemixing hopper skid is also for the purpose of making the tank larger net volume capacity.

The equipment configuration of this 400 BBL mud system is simple but effective. 2 unit GNZS703 shale shaker installed on the first tank for coarse solids separation, the shakers occupied almost half area of the tank top, the other half is fixed with one unit mud agitator and also left space for mounting a degasser unit in future in case any request. The second tank is used for active mud storage and mud mixing, four units mud agitators work well to keep the solids in drilling fluids suspending. A separate mixing unit skid is able to be connected with mud tank freely as per site area.

GN solids control has rich experience in designing and manufacturing the mud tank system used in oil gas drilling and other drilling projects. Any request, no hesitate to contact with GN.

GN Solids Control has rich experience in making compact mud recycling system that used in no-dig drilling project. GN has standard model of compact mud system for option, for clients’ special requirements, GN is able to provide customized solution. This week, GN completed the fabrication of one set 350GPM mud recycling system for a UAE client.
The 350GPM mud recycling system in this order is GN standard self-contained unit with mud recycling, storage and mixing function. The equipment configuration is as below:

1. Shaker and mud cleaner composition unit- this unit is the main mud recycling equipment. The shaker equipped in this unit is a double deck model, the under layer is used as the first stage mud recycling equipment for coarse solids separation. GN composite frame shaker screen could effectively remove the solid particles; this process could reduce the load for the cyclone unit. The drilling mud passing through the under layer screen will immediately transferred by a centrifugal pump unit to the 4 inch cyclone for fine solids separation. The drilling mud after treated by the cyclone, solids with size larger than around 20 microns would be removed. Discharged slurry will be further dried by the upper layer screen for more fluids recovery.

2. A mud tank will be used as the mounting support of the shaker unit, the feeding pump of cyclone and the mixing pump would be mounted on the tank skid as well. On top of the tank, a mud hopper will be installed as the mud chemicals adding port. The mud tank is divided into two parts respectively for sand trap, storage and mixing.

This 350GPM mud recycling system could be packed in one 40 feed container for sea transportation. GN is full of experience in designing and manufacturing the compact mud recycling system. Besides the self-contained model, GN also has economic desanding unit that is widely used in piling project. For more information, please feel free to contact with GN.