GN Solids Control equipment is
working in over 60 countries and areas. Good performance and reasonable price
win good reputation for GN Solids Control.

GN Agitator for Nigeria client

have one client from Nigeria engaged in solids control service. The client boss
is operation manager for Baker Hughes Nigeria before. He leaves the company and
starts his own company for over 3 years. During the past years, the client
always buy equipment from us, etc. decanter centrifuge, screw pump, centrifugal
pump, screw conveyors etc. Recently, the client buy 4 sets mud agitator to
replace the old agitators in the mud tank.

GN Centrifugal pump for Egypt

is very important market for GN Solids Control. There
are lots of China brand rig working in Egypt, including big oil drilling rigs
and workover rigs. And solids control equipment is also in large demand every
year. Recently, we have one client from Egypt bought 30 sets centrifugal pump
for Halliburton project.

we only have big quantity of centrifuges, vertical cuttings dryer working in
North Africa, but now we also have many general solids control equipment
working there, eg. Centrifugal pumps, shaker screens etc.

GN brand decanter
for Africa market

brand decanter centrifuge is replacement centrifuge for Swaco centrifuge, or
derrick centrifuge, or NOV brandt centrifuges. They have similar working
principle, similar design, similar production material and also similar working
performance. That is why we call our centrifuge as replacement centrifuge for
USA brand centrifuges. In the past years, market share of GN centrifuge is
going up in fast speed. And the year production of GN centrifuge is also
doubled to meet the market demand.

Solids Control, as China leading manufacturer of solids control equipment &
management equipment
, will surely support each client with high quality
equip9ment & reasonable price.