Leading in the HDD industry for drilling mud taking,
GN have her standing as a professional solids
control equipment
/ system provider. Not only good quality, but also an
excellent soltuion supplier. Not only offering standard systems, which most
manufactures prefer to do, also delivering customized soltions, even when most
of us still recommend the standard treatments.
GNMS500B is a middlized alternative for the 500gpm capacity required projects.
Normally for adding, we use GNMS500D, for big HDD projects, we all use
GNMS500GL. While there even now are some projects, just at the center. Not like
normal piling, just have big particles, and only have to separate the biggest
particles. None like the bigger HDD jobs, need big tank hard drive volume. For
this project, assessed the site arrangement, the client would prefer to dump
the solids squander to the end, not the inside, then we rearrange often the mud cleaner postion.
Some sort of customization on a standard system.

Features of GN HDD CBM Mud Recycling equipment
Complete line Mud System: GNMS-200GPM / GNMS-350GPM and GNMS-500 GPM /
GNMS-1000GPM / GN1500 GPM Self-Contained Mud
Recycling System
Economical Equipments integration: Complete going mud equipments from a
individual source-GN Solids Control Manufacturing.
Fast moved compact system: Small footprint design with quickly connection for
removable components and most parts fixed when traveling meet transport
Confident customer service: We can send each of our experienced engineers for
installment, and training up client engineers.
Mud Tanks Adaptable Options:
Skid Mounted or perhaps Trailer Mounted or Hydraulic Jack Up mud recycling
Aquaria available for your options.
For GNMS500B details, pls download all of our brochure from website:
In this project, the client is using some sort of famous Japanese bore adding
machine, and after checked the site by their industrial engineer, finally
choose to cooperate with our value.