Before starting today’s article, we would like
to tell that the decanter centrifuge mentioned here is 2 phase type centrifuge
used in to separate the solids and liquid where the slurry is coming from the
drilling site. The slurry includes drilling fluids, oil sludge and so on.

Decanter Centrifuge Applications

On drilling site, the decanter
is used in solids control system as the final stage solids
control equipment to remove the fine solids in the drilling mud or to recover
the barite in drilling fluids. While the decanter centrifuge can also be used
as a machine to polish the effluence discharged from the vertical cuttings
dryer in waste
cuttings management system
. In the dewatering system, we can also find the
decanter centrifuge that is used to treat the flocculated slurry in which the
ultra fine solids can be separated out.

How to Operate Decanter Centrifuge as per

GN’s 2 phase decanter centrifuge is always
used to separate solids and liquids. According to different request, we can get
the different discharges. If you want to get much dryer solids, you can
increase the feeding capacity, increase the rotating speed, adjust the liquid
level plate to a low position or reduce the differential speed. By doing any
one mentioned before, you can make the solids discharged much dryer. And if you
reduce the feeding rate, reduce the bowl speed, fix the liquid level plate on
the bowl big end to a high position or increase the differential speed, you can
get a much clear liquid. Sometimes, you need make adjustment for several of the
factors at the same time to get the expected result according the project
request. In dewatering system, the amount of flocculation agent added in the
fluids would change the dryness of the discharged solids and liquid.

GN’s latest C version decanter centrifuge
with VFD control
is an ideal machine to do all the above jobs, as it can be adjusted
easily via HMI system to run at RPM from 0 to more than 3000.