GN just finished the fabrication of one batch of solids control equipment for a drilling company from Uzbekistan. The ordered equipment mainly includes shale shaker and vacuum degasser. Some drilling companies give the mud recycling service to a third party. However, to reduce the drilling cost, some drilling company will do the mud cleaning by themselves.

Shale shakeris the first stage solids control equipment; the performance of the shale shaker will greatly affect the performance of the complete mud system. The more coarse solids removed at the shale shaker stage, the better the mud system will perform. GN shale shaker has following advantages that ensure the onsite stable performance.

Firstly, the adjustable G force is up to 7.5 with excellent drying performance that will recover more drilling fluids. 
Secondly, the rubber seal installed between the shaker screen and screen support frame is patented. It is easy for installation and replacing. The imbedded rubber strip has good elasticity and chemical resistance for long time application in treating drilling fluids. This type sealing technology effectively avoids the leakage. 
Thirdly, all GN shale shakers have been upgraded to use the composite frameshaker screen that can last for longer time. It reduces the frequency of replacing the screen so that greatly save the cost.

GN vacuum degasser is a type degasser with self-suction function which means no need an extra feeding pump. It is located after the shale shaker to remove the gas in the drilling fluids. It has a long suction pipe inserting into the drilling fluids inside the tank, thus GN vacuum degasser could also be used as a big power mud agitator.

GN’s products have been applied in more than 70 countries and regions. Next year, GN will definitely improve to provide better products and services to all the clients.